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Hainan receives over 1.3m tourists during National Day holiday

Updated: ehainan.gov.cn

Hainan achieved a safe, stable, and orderly holiday tourism market during the National Day holiday, which fell from Oct 1 to 7. The province received 1.32 million tourists, with tourism revenue of 1.59 billion yuan ($223.57 million) during the holiday.

Due to the need for COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control and the impact of rainy weather, peripheral tourism was the mainstream consumption in Hainan this National Day. Hainan has carried out various activities such as camping and research tours in combination with the local culture, unique agricultural products, and natural resources, enriching cultural tourism supply during holidays.

During the holiday, tourism departments around the province attracted popularity through various measures such as preferential air tickets, ticket exemption, and duty-free goods discounts.

Haikou bureau of tourism, culture, radio, television, and sports, together with six local hotels, launched cost-effective packages for workers participating in and contributing to the pandemic prevention and control. During the National Day, 13 of the 17 scenic spots in Sanya have been reopened. Wenchang held the 2022 National Day tourism and shopping carnival with the aerospace and regional culture carrier to stimulate consumption vitality.

Hainan Provincial Museum, China (Hainan) South China Sea Museum and Hainan Provincial Museum of Nationalities resumed operation during the holiday in accordance with local pandemic prevention and control requirements and provided high-quality public cultural services for citizens and tourists.

The offshore duty-free market in Hainan showed a trend of recovery during the holiday, and the average daily sales of duty-free shopping in Hainan exceeded 150 million yuan from Oct 1 to 7. Driven by the provincial government's consumption voucher policy, Global Duty-Free (GDF) Plaza organized marketing activities to stimulate consumption vitality further. Since Sept 30, the sales of GDF Plaza have exceeded 130 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 123 percent, contributing to the province's economic recovery.


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