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Do you meet the basic requirements to work in Hainan?

To work in the Hainan, foreign talents should obtain work permits and work-type residence permits in accordance with relevant regulations.

(1) The employer shall be incorporated according to laws and have no record of serious violation of laws and dishonesty.

(2) The jobs for foreigners should be those temporarily in shortage of appropriate domestic candidates and not in violations of relevant national regulations.

(3) Where laws and regulations require pre-registration approval of industrial authorities, the approval shall be obtained.

What kinds of foreign personnel belong to "High-level and Top-notch" in Hainan Free Trade Port?

Foreign personnel who meet one of the following standards can be identified as "High-level and Top-notch" in Hainan FTP.

1. Those who meet the standards of foreign high-end talents (Class A) and foreign professional talents (Class B) in the "Classification Standards for Foreigners Working in China (Trial)" (as revised from time to time) issued by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs.

2. Foreign talents with annual income of 300,000 yuan or above in Hainan FTP.

3. Foreign talents meeting the standards of the "Directory of Urgently Needed Job Vacancies for Foreigners" issued by Hainan

4. Foreign talents who are badly needed and scarce, and who are subject to the temporary declaration confirmed by the administrative department of work permits for foreigners at or above the prefecture level.

5. Foreign talents whom enterprises badly need and who are subject to the temporary declaration confirmed by the administrative department of key provincial industrial parks.


What kind of talents can be regarded as high-level talents in Hainan? What are the specific criteria?

According to the "Accreditation Criteria for 'High-level and Top-notch' Foreigners in Hainan Free Trade Port", high-level talents refer to those who are in accord with the “Classification Standards for High-Level Talents in Hainan Free Trade Port”. These talents are classified into categories A, B, C, D in line with the standards laid down by market recognition, professional community and social recognition. “Classification Standards for High-Level Talents in Hainan Free Trade Port” is adjusted from time to time according to the economic and social development and the demand for talents.

What are the conditions under which high-end and needed talents can enjoy preferential tax policies?

Before December 31, 2024, both domestic and overseas high-end and needed talents can enjoy them, under the following conditions:

1. Must work in Hainan Free Trade Port;

2. Must sign a labor contract or employment agreement for more than one year with a company or unit which has been registered and put into substantial operation in Hainan;

3. Must have purchased social insurance for more than sixconsecutive months in the Hainan Free Trade Port in a tax year (including December of the current year). This article does not apply to foreign talents who cannot purchase social insurance.

How to register for social insurance in Hainan?

Expats employed in China are required to participate in Chinese social insurance and pay social insurance fees together with their employers according to the Social Insurance Law of the People's Republic of China.

I. How to register for social insurance

Your employer should submit your application form (stamped with company seal), valid passport, work permit, certificates of professional qualification such as Foreign Press Card (this is not needed if you can provide a Foreign Permanent Resident ID Card), and job contract (with your employer or labor dispatch service provider) at the local social insurance office where your workplace is covered. After approval, a social insurance card will be issued to you by the social insurance office.

II. How to transfer or terminate your social insurance account and claim your pension

① When relocating to another province, expats are eligible to transfer their pension insurance accounts to the social insurance office in the new location immediately without any age requirements. If their accumulated social insurance payment duration is less than 10 years at each social insurance office, their pension insurance will be handled by the social insurance office where they have the longest payment duration, which will be responsible for handling their pension claim.

② If expats leave China before reaching the age required for claiming their pension, the personal social insurance account of the expat will not be terminated. If they come to work in China again, the accumulated duration of social insurance payment will be included in the calculation. If the account is terminated through a written application, expats can claim the deposit in the personal social insurance account in a lump sum.

③ When reaching retirement age, if the social insurance payment duration requirements for claiming a pension have been met, expats can apply for retirement and claim a pension in Hainan. Pensions can be claimed outside China, on the condition that the applicant pays the handling charge and provides proof of life at least once a year.

④ For expats holding a foreign permanent resident ID card, if the social insurance payment duration is less than 15 years upon retirement, it is possible to extend the payment duration and claim the pension after 15 years of payment. Expats without a foreign permanent resident ID card can claim the pension in their personal account in a lump sum.

III. Please note:

① Expats who are sent to work in China by employers outside China should pay social insurance fees together with their employers in China.

② For expats from countries that have signed bilateral or multilateral social insurance agreements with China, social insurance participation should be handled according to the agreement.

③ For expats from countries that have signed bilateral or multilateral social insurance agreements with China, providing a social insurance participation certificate from their passport countries within 3 months after obtaining a certificate of professional qualification in China exempts them from the stipulated insurance payment obligation within the stipulated period according to the agreement.

④ The social insurance payment amount for expats shall be declared by their employers in RMB.

⑤ Expats who have reached or exceeded the retirement age when they come to work in China are not required to participate in social insurance.

If you have any questions, please contact the Hainan Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security at 0898-65200870.

What kind of individual incomes can enjoy preferential policies?

The following incomes from Hainan:

1. Comprehensive income: wages and salaries, labor remuneration, author's remuneration, royalty payments;

2. Business income: income fromproduction and operating activities;

3. Subsidy income for talents recognized by the province.

What is the "one-stop service for investment"?

Hainan "one-stop service for investment" is the first "package" service platform in the whole process of investment in China. Through data docking, it covers the whole process of business processing services before, during and after the investment, from investment consultation, independent name declaration, establishment registration, enterprise change, deregistration, opening a bank account, foreign exchange registration to social security registration, tax invoice application and  provident fund registration. It also provides online consultation, offline consultation, entrusted services, project approval, vehicle purchase quota application, visa application and other investment processes.

Do all hospitals have a "green channel" of medical treatment for high-level foreign talents?

All secondary and above hospitals in Hainan provide "green channel" services for high-level foreign talents like master's talents, outstanding talents and leading talents, and for their spouses and immediate family. These talents can go to the VIP clinics with the certification card for special talents. Special personnel will be arranged to guide the diagnosis and treatment process, including inquiries, appointments for examination, receiving payment, and dispensing medicine. When hospitalization is needed, the service personnel can assist in the admission procedures.

Can foreign students work in Hainan? What are the conditions?

Excellent foreign students who have obtained master's degree or above are allowed to find a job or start a business in Hainan, without any rigid requirements for work experience.

Can foreign talents purchase houses in Hainan?

Yes. According to relevant policies in our province, all kinds of talents introduced to work in Hainan but not yet settled can apply to purchase a house if at least one family member (including oneself, spouse, and minor children) has paid individual income tax or social insurance for 12 months and above in our province without a house in Hainan. Foreign talent can purchase a house in Hainan according to the above policy regulations.


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