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I. Current Status

As an important part of China's space map with its unique location advantage, Hainan has become China's best satellite launch site. Space powers already agree that launching satellites near the equator and ocean is advantageous. Hainan is the only region in China that can satisfy this demand.

Wenchang Space Launch Site is China's most competitive site for commercial space launches. As the only low-altitude coastal launch site in China, it is responsible for a series of major aerospace missions such as deep space exploration, human lunar-landing, and space transportation.

II. Development Direction

Hainan will become a major scientific and technological innovation base in China's aerospace industry under the free trade port strategy. The province will formulate an industry structure of aerospace, satellite, and remote sensing in Hainan with the Wenchang Space Launch site in the North and the Sanya Satellite Application site in the South, and build a commercial aerospace industry chain.

(1) Aerospace core industries: key technology experiments, engineering technology research, R&D and production of infrastructure equipment, and applied aerospace technology.

(2) "Aerospace +" extended industries: aerospace big data application services, Smart Hainan, aerospace life sciences, aerospace technology exhibitions and transactions, as well as aerospace tourism.

(3) Tech support industry: new generation information industry, high-tech, new infrastructure construction.

(4) Service support industries: tech services, cultural innovations, business services, financial services, tourism services, and shared economy.

III. New Opportunities for FTP Investment

Space equipment enjoys zero tariffs. In order to reduce the operating cost of enterprises, Hainan will take the lead in zero-tariffs on import and export of various commodities used in space equipment.

Foreign investment in the construction of Wenchang International Space Townwill be encouraged.

The industrial service platform is being continuously improved. In the future, Hainan will build a platform for the opening up and development of aerospace technology and international cooperation.

IV. Recommended Industrial Parks

(1) Wenchang International Aerospace City

The Wenchang International Space City Administration is directly led by the Hainan Provincial Government, which has set up a leading group in the city to coordinate and make decisions on major issues. The office is located in Wenchang Municipal Government facilities. The city is mainly responsible for the park planning, coordination, development, operation management, investment promotion, industrial development, system innovation and other works, and is intended to promote the high-standard and high-quality development of the space city so as to drive the economic development of Wenchang City and to perform coordinated social management functions with the government of Wenchang.

(2) Sanya China Sciences Remote Sensing Information Industrial Park

Founded in 2015, this industrial park has become a high-tech and industrialized highland integrating production, learning, research and application by relying on the technology advantages of the Space Information Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It takes the development of space science and the technology industry as its main direction, the realization of the free trade port in Hainan province construction as the goal, and building of a complete industrial chain of research and development as its aim. By developing measurement and control, data satellite receiving and processing and application development and operational capacities, it will further promote the development of the aerospace technology and cultural industries in Hainan province and Sanya city.

V. Successful Enterprises

(1) Aisino

(2) OneWeb

Boao Lecheng Specialist Clinic Project
Qionghai, Hainan Province
500 million yuan
Mei'an Biomedical Industrial Park Project
Haikou, Hainan Province
20 billion yuan


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