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I. Current Status

The international education industry has a new and huge advantage with the construction of the Hainan Free Trade Port. Hainan is attracting cooperative education projects with overseas institutions such as Coventry University from the UK, Michigan State University from the US, and Lisbon University from Portugal to settle in the Lingshui Li'an International Education Innovation Pilot Zone.

Education and related industries have developed rapidly and Internet education has seen soaring development.

II. Development Direction

-Encourage first-class overseas universities to start cooperation programs.

-Establish international high schools and kindergartens.

-Encourage foreign engineering universities and vocational colleges to run independently.

-Support foreign enterprises to run schools in sole proprietorship.

-Establish joint-run medical and health schools as independent legal entities.

-Attract headquarters, regional headquarters, or research centers for international organizations, international educational institutions, and large international education companies.

III. Key Parks

(1) Yangpu Economic Development Zone

The zone hopes to attract petrochemical and high tech focused universities, supported by the petrochemical industry base and Sino German Industrial Park in Yangpu.

(2) Lingshui Li'an International Education Innovation Pilot Zone

This zone will provide a platform for Chinese foreign cooperation in running first-class universities, an innovation demonstration area of international education, and a training area of international talents.

(3) Wenchang International Space City

The city tries to attract first-class scientific aerospace research institutions and aims to build itself into an international university of aeronautics and astronautics.

(4) Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone

The zone targets introducing Sino-foreign joint-run medical schools and developing a new mode of integrated coordination of medical teaching, research and production.

IV. New Opportunities for FTP Investment

Hainan will establish a national education innovative development pilot area, improve the new school running mechanism,and steadily construct the Hainan international education innovation island.

Policies support:

-Hainan will provide school lands in favorable ways.

-Schools can independently determine tuition and fees based on their costs.

- Imported teaching and research equipment and instruments can be granted zero-tariff treatment.

V. Successful Enterprises

New Oriental Education & Technology Group

New Oriental Education & Technology Group will operate its research and development headquarters and foreign teacher management and training headquarters in Hainan.

International schools

1. Haikou: Haikou Harrow International School and Harrow Innovation Leadership Academy, which opened in 2020.

2. Haikou: Dulwich College, which is establishinga presence in Haikou.

3. Sanya: Wycombe Abbey School, also establishinga presence.

4. Sanya: Hainan International High SchoolAffiliated to Wesleyan College, also establishing a presence.

Domestic and abroad Famous universities

1. Haikou: Beijing Foreign Studies University, signed.

2. Haikou: Beijing Language and Culture University, signed.

3. Sanya:Shanghai Jiao Tong University, settled.

4. Sanya: Zhejiang University, settled.

5. Sanya: China Ocean University, settled.

6. Sanya: China Agricultural University, settled.

7. Sanya: Wuhan University of Technology, settled.

8. Sanya: Harbin Engineering University, signed.

9. Sanya: Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, establishing.

10. Lingshui: Hainan International College of Communication University of China hassettled. It has signed contractswith Coventry University and Michigan State University to launch a cooperative school in Lingshui.

11. Lingshui: Hainan International College of Beijing Sport University hassettled. It has signed a contract with the University of Alberta in Canada to launch a cooperative school in Lingshui.

12. Lingshui: Hainan International College of Minzu University of China, settled.

13. Yangpu: Bielefeld University of Applied Technology, establishing in Qionghai.

14. Qionghai: Medical College of Shanghai Jiaotong University and the University of Edinburgh arejointly establishing the School of Medicine.

Boao Lecheng Specialist Clinic Project
Qionghai, Hainan Province
500 million yuan
Mei'an Biomedical Industrial Park Project
Haikou, Hainan Province
20 billion yuan


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