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Cruising & Yachting

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Yachting becomes a favorite sport tour for summer vacationers in Sanya. [Photo by Ma Zhiping/ China Daily]

I. Current Status

(1) Cruise Industry

There are two cruise ports and four cruise berths in Sanya and Haikou. They can accommodate up to a 150,000-ton cruise ship.

From 2012 to 2019, Hainan received a total of 1115 international cruises with 840,000 tourists.

(2) Yacht industry

Hainan has built and operates 15 yacht marinas, with 2568 berths, 638 registered yachts, and about 60 yacht clubs and related companies. They cover manufacturing, repair and maintenance, training, sales, financial insurance, and other services.

In 2019, the total number of yachts in the province exceeded 96,300, and the number of sailings was 29,136, up 70.9 percent year-on-year. During National Day Golden Week, yachts sailed 3,404 times, an increase of 57.5 percent.

Yacht tourism is moving from "niche high-end" to "public leisure”.

II. Development Advantages

(1) Imports of cruise ships and yachts are exempt from duties, import value-added tax and consumption tax in Hainan.

(2) Hainan is the only province that allows yacht leasing in China.

(3) Sanya will become the largest cruise home port in the world.

III. Development Direction

(1) Yachts imported to the island enjoy zero-tariff treatment.

(2) Development of regional headquarters for cruise and yacht related companies will be promoted.

(3) Hainan will encourage international cruise companies to set up operations and settlement centers, and focus on the development of elements of the cruise economy such as maintenance, ship supply and registration, financial insurance, and marketing.

(4) The province will also focus on the development of yacht trading, display, leasing, design, manufacturing, maintenance and crew training, and set up the Hainan International Yacht Trading Center.

IV. New Opportunities for FTP Investment

(1) Cruise line development cooperation

(2) Cruise infrastructure cooperation

(3) Cruise supply cooperation

(4) The free-independent-tour programs among Hainan, HK and Macao by yachts

(5) Development of new yacht lease

(6) Development of yacht tourist attractions

(7) Cooperation of the entire yacht industry chain

V. Recommended Industrial Parks

(1) Yangpu Economic Development Zone

(2) Sanya Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City

VI. Successful Enterprises

(1) Hainan Harbor and Shipping Holding Co Ltd

(2) Hainan Strait Shipping Co Ltd

(3) Hainan International yacht Trading Co Ltd

(4) Hainan High Speed Cruise and Yacht Co Ltd

(5) Yunding Cruise Group (Hong Kong)

Boao Lecheng Specialist Clinic Project
Qionghai, Hainan Province
500 million yuan
Mei'an Biomedical Industrial Park Project
Haikou, Hainan Province
20 billion yuan


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