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Tropical Paradise

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Nanshan Guanyin (Goddess of Mercy) Statue [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

Hainan is famous for its beautiful beaches. As a tropical paradise washed by the South China Sea, the island offers a wonderful climate, coconut palm trees, golden sandy beaches, lush vegetation and clear blue water, earning it the sobriquet of the Chinese Hawaii.

Its highest peak Wuzhi (Five Finger) Mountain rises 1,840 meters above the sea level, surrounded by an impenetrable jungle. Its monsoon climate makes for comfortable living, with relatively constant temperatures throughout the year. The summers are hot and dry, and are followed by humid autumn months and pleasantly warm winters.

Wuzhizhou Island. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

The island has one of the best air qualities in China. Altogether over 60 percent of the island, or about 21,360 square kilometers, is covered in forests, accommodating a variety of plants and trees as well as a unique fauna that includes countless species of birds and monkeys, frogs, toads, geckos and butterflies.

Hainan's cuisine is strongly influenced by the province's island nature. Seafood such as crabs and prawns as well as saltwater fish can be ordered in every restaurant. Dishes containing chicken are also common in the region. Chicken Wenchang is one of the most popular dishes here. It is made by cooking the chicken, slicing it and serving it with different dips.

Hainan has a well-established educational system. And since April 2018, it has invested over 30 billion yuan ($4.58 billion) in promoting joint schools with esteemed institutions. At least 36 prestigious universities and 51 well-known primary and high schools from home and aboard have set up local campuses in Hainan. The Harrow Haikou school opened in September 2020, providing K-12 international and bilingual education to both foreign and local students. It has a maximum capacity of 1,800 students, including 210 boarders.

The island also boasts international medical resources. A good example would be the Boao Evergrande International Hospital, a joint operation with the Brigham and Women's Hospital, an affiliate of Harvard University. The new institution specializes in oncology, with an initial focus on breast cancer.


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