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Unique Southern Hub

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To fully understand the unique advantages in Hainan's world-class infrastructure, from airports to high-speed trains, and from maritime transportation to digital networks, it's necessary to first take a close look at its geopolitical singularities.

Located in the conjoining area of Asia and the Pacific Ocean, Hainan island is in between Japan and Singapore. It is an important open gateway to the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean, and a regional center connecting Northeast Asia and Southeast Asia. Its unique geographical advantages are truly matchless.


Hainan has three international airports, namely Meilan airport in its capital city of Haikou, Phoenix airport in the famous tourism town of Sanya, and Boao airport in Qionghai, near the site of the famed Boao Forum for Asia. The first two are being expanded to accommodate the growing demands of passengers and cargo shipments. The number of Hainan's international routes reached 103 in 2020, up from five in 2003, with more to be opened. Two more airports are under construction, on the island's west coast and in its tropical heartland.

As a result of such an extensive airport network, it takes only three hours to fly to such areas as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, South Korea and Japan. All major commercial cities in Southeast Asia are within a 4 to 5 hours flight. Fifty-nine countries and regions, or about 67 percent of the world's population, can be reached within eight hours.

Maritime Hub

Hainan has a 1,944-kilometer coastline and five natural deep-water ports. It is committed to carrying out the maritime transportation layout of "five ports in four directions", namely Haikou Port in the north, Sanya Port in the south, Qinglan Port in the east and Yangpu Port and Basuo Port in the west.

As an important open gateway to the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean, and a stone's throw away from the main route of Eurasia international maritime transportation, Hainan plans to build itself into a pan-South China Sea international trade and shipping hub, and is vigorously promoting the connectivity in air and sea transportation with countries and regions along the "Belt and Road line".


Construction is underway in Hainan for China's first around-the-island highway with a total investment of 14.39 billion yuan ($2.19 billion). The 988-kilometer highway, dubbed "the National Coast No 1 Scenic Road", will loop around the island, connecting like a pearl necklace 22 coastal headlands, 25 lighthouses, 26 coastal lagoons, 16 mangrove orchards, 40 post stations, 31 scenic parks, 21 tourist resorts, and 261 coastal historic sites.

From 2016 to 2020, during China's 13th Five-Year Plan, Hainan invested a total of 98 billion yuan for road construction, expanding its total mileage to over 40,000 km, including 1,254-km highways. Every village on the island is now accessible by paved road.


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