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Baisha Li autonomous county

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Night scene of Baisha Li autonomous county [Photo/baisha.hainan.gov.cn]


Baisha Li autonomous county is located in the center of Hainan province towards the western area, at the northwestern foot of the middle section of the Limu Mountains and the upper reaches of the Nandu River. It covers an area of 2,117.2 square kilometers, of which 24,533 hectares (245.33 sq km) are farmlands.

Baisha boasts 440 peaks, the highest one at 1,812 meters is Mount Yinggeling. The Nandu, Changhua and Zhubi rivers all originate from the county, which is hailed as the "world of mountains, the source of water, the ocean of forests, and the home of clouds".

There are 203,000 people living in the county, most of them are Li and Han ethnic groups who speak the Li, Hainan, Miao and Danzhou dialects and  mandarin.

Baisha has been awarded the honorary titles of "national health county", "national top 100 deep breathing town" and "China's most beautiful county", and was recently named among the top five of the 2021 China Spring Leisure top 100 counties and cities.


Hainan Baisha National Geopark

Hainan Baisha tropical rain forest park

Baisha Bangxi Agricultural and Forest Product Processing Park

Baisha E-commerce Industrial Park

Baisha Tea Town

Qifang Shengdada Lakeside Park

Baisha Luoshuai Tianya Courier Station

Aluoduogan Shared Farmstead

Key investment promotion industries

"Sports Plus" and "Culture Plus" tourism industry'

Modern agricultural industry

E-commerce industry

Agricultural and forest product processing industry

Baisha's unique tourism resources include Fuxi Hot Springs, Baisha Cold Spring, Hongkan Waterfall, Baisha meteor crater, Xiangmin Bat Cave and Shicai sites.

Important Economic Data

In 2020, the county's GDP increased by 2.3 percent. Its fixed asset investment increased by 22.6 percent, while its local general public budget revenue increased by 3.7 percent. The disposable income of its urban and rural residents increased by 2.7 percent.


Baisha Li Autonomous County Investment Promotion Service Center

Address: 3rd floor, Government Building, Baisha Li autonomous county, Hainan, China

Tel: 86- 0898-27728601

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