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Xiangshan Fragrant Cultural Park [Photo/tunchang.hainan.gov.cn]

Location and resources

Tunchang is one of the six city-level counties in central Hainan. Located between the province's northern plains and its central mountainous region, the county possesses the only hilly terrain in the province.

Known as the "gateway to central Hainan", it is 70 kilometers away from Haikou, capital of Hainan province. It will take about 45 minutes by car to reach Haikou after the Haikou-Tunchang Expressway is put into operation. The county covers an area of 1,231.5 square kilometers, including 867 square kilometers of forest. Its forest coverage stands at 70 percent. The crops in the county include areca and rubber. It has planted 10,133 hectares of areca, 5,933 hectares of which will bear an annual output of 179,000 tons of areca nuts. The planting area of rubber is 52,333 hectares, including 26,667 hectares for harvest with an output of 34,400 tons.

The forest is the top resource in terms of Tunchang's agriculture, and is a solid foundation for the county as it improves its commercial forest industry and the under-forest economy.

Tunchang has abundant natural resources. It is home to 10 minerals, such as crystal and molybdenum ore. The proven reserves of molybdenum, an important raw material for the metallurgical industry and the aviation sector, are up to 1,600 tons. Tunchang's reserves of granite are above 50 million cubic meters, ranking first in terms of a recoverable provincial resource. The hot spring resources in the towns of Wupo and Xinxing are rich in sulfide.

Major industries

Tropical high-efficiency agriculture

Agricultural and sideline product processing industry

Southern medicine marine bio-pharmaceutical industry

Use of renewable resources

Trade and logistics industry

Rural e-commerce industry

Agricultural sightseeing tourism industry


Tunchang Investment Service Center

Address: Building of County Party Committee, Changsheng Road, Tunchang County, Hainan

Tel: 86- 0898-67811201; 86-0898-6537200; 86-0898-67818609

Email: tcfg8609@163.com

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