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Songtao Reservoir [Photo/www.danzhou.gov.cn]

Overview of Danzhou

Danzhou is the economic, transportation, communication and cultural center of western Hainan. It has a land area of 3,398 square kilometers and a total population of 1.05 million (excluding Yangpu). Its land and sea transportation is well developed, with the Hainan West Ring Railway and the Round-the-Island Highway crossing the city.

Danzhou has a tropical oceanic monsoon climate, an average annual temperature of 23.1 ℃, and an average annual rainfall of 1,823 mm, lessening the influence of tropical storms and typhoons. The city's forest resources cover an area of 187,300 hectares, and its forest coverage rate is 54.7 percent. In 2017, Danzhou was selected as a National Garden City.

Danzhou's transportation network is well developed. Looking at the transportation structure of the whole province, one can see that a "well” font with two vertical and two horizontal lines is formed in Danzhou. The HainanXihuan railway connects the national railway artery through the Yuehai Railway, and the Wanyang expressway will soon be built to cross from east to west.

A dozen ports, large and small, also dot the long coastline. In the future, Danzhou will become a veritable transportation hub in the west of Hainan by relying on the expressway, the Xihuan high-speed railway and Danzhou airport.

Ancient Danzhou had profound cultural background and powerful cultural quality. Nurtured by history and culture, many Danzhou people can chant poems, write couplets, and sing and dance. Danzhou was dubbed "the Poetry Village", "the Chinese Couplets Town", and "China's Rural Folk Art".


Danzhou has an abundance of natural resources, including reserves of quartz sands, oil shale, granite, lignite, clay and other minerals. With excellent water quality and many bays, Danzhou produces sea cucumbers, red snapper, squid, Greenfield bighead fish, squid, grouper, shrimps and other aquatic products. Thanks to its suitable climate, Danzhou is renowned for its tropical fruits, such as bananas, lychees, jackfruit, and dragon fruit.

Danzhou is an excellent tourist city that boasts an abundance of tourism resources. Tourist attractions such as the Dongpo Academy, the Songtao Reservoir, the Bayi Water Tunnel, Hainan Tropical Botanical Garden, the Lanyang Cold and Hot Spring, the Guangcun Silver Beach, the Millennium Ancient salt fields, the Egrets Heaven, and the Cigar-Style Town are all inviting and worth indulging.

Danzhou is located at the core area where Hainan's modern new industries are developed. The remarkable state-level Yangpu Economic Development Zone, the country's fourth bonded port, the Yangpu Bonded Harbor Area, the Hainan University Danzhou campus and the Chinese Academy of Tropical Agriculture are located in the territory.  The Chinese Academy of Tropical Agriculture is the only national comprehensive tropical scientific research institution in China, and was named a Reference Center for Tropical Agricultural Research and Training by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

Key industrial parks in Danzhou

Nada City Proper

Binhai New Area

Lanyang Area

Danzhou Industrial Park

Key investment promotion industries


Tropical High-productive Agriculture


Culture and Sports

Medicine and Healthcare

Advanced Low- carbon Manufacturing

Duty Free Consumer Goods


Major industries

1) Modern service industries led by tourism

Danzhou will focus on developing modern service industries such as tourism, culture, sports, medical and health care, finance and exhibitions. It will accelerate the innovative development of trade in services, promote the optimization and upgrading of the service sector, and form an industrial structure based on the service sector.

2) Effective tropical agriculture

Danzhou is a major agricultural city in Hainan with natural land resources, and the location of the Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences. It will focus on developing tropical high-efficiency agriculture with special features to make its agriculture scalable and sustainable.

3) High-tech industry

The city will accelerate the development of new industries supported by advanced technologies, and encourage the development of new industries such as information manufacturing, electronic products and equipment, new materials, new-energy vehicles, and research as well as development and application of Marine engineering equipment.


Danzhou Bureau of Commerce

Address: No 1 Zhongxing Middle Street, Danzhou, Hainan

Tel: 86-0898-23322316

Yangpu Economic Development Zone----Investment Promotion Bureau

Address: 16th floor, Yangpu International Commercial Building, Konggu Avenue, Danzhou, Hainan

Tel: 86-0898-28826502

Danzhou Modern Service and Investment Promotion Bureau

Tel: 86-18889179767

Address: No 108, D20 Building, Yixin Garden, Nada Town, Danzhou, Hainan

Boao Lecheng Specialist Clinic Project
Qionghai, Hainan Province
500 million yuan
Mei'an Biomedical Industrial Park Project
Haikou, Hainan Province
20 billion yuan


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