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Hainan optimizes port business environment, cuts clearance time

Updated: ezhejiang.gov.cn


A busy scene at the Haikou Port Container Terminal. [Photo/IC]

The island province of Hainan has actively optimized its port business environment in recent years. The overall customs clearance time for imports in 2021 has been reduced compared with its 2020 time, while the total time of import clearance in December 2021 is about a third of that in February, according to the Hainan Provincial Department of Commerce.

According to statistics, the overall customs clearance time for imports was 26.83 hours in December 2021, while the annual average was 44.52 hours, 10.62 hours shorter compared with 2020. The overall customs clearance time for exports was 0.71 hours in December 2021, while the annual average was 1.47 hours, 0.34 hours less than that of 2020.

Last year, Hainan made significant efforts to optimize its port business environment. For example, it has established working mechanisms to facilitate cross-border trade, improve port public services, reduce the cost of cross-border compliance, and simplify regulatory processes.

The issuance of various documents was made in 2021, including the Action Plan for Optimizing the Business Environment in Hainan, the Work Plan for Replicating and Promoting the Reform Measures on Optimizing Port Business Environment and Facilitating Cross-Border Trade, the Action Plan on Improving the Building of Hainan's "Single window" for International Trade, and the Financial Subsidies for Air Cargo Development.

Hainan province will continue to promote the application of the "Single window" model for international trade and consistently improve the application rate in handling business. At present, the "Single window" model has been fully used in dealing with the three major declaration businesses, namely cargo declaration, means of transport declaration, and manifest declaration.


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