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Hainan FTP investment promotion group visits famous Japanese enterprises

Updated: ehainan.gov.cn

Recently, Hainan Free Trade Port's investment promotion group went to visit Mitsubishi Corporation, Marubeni Corporation, Mitsui Products and other well-known Japanese commercial enterprises in Japan.

The investment promotion group put forward targeted investment proposals based on previous cooperation and advantageous industry opportunities, and promoted enterprises to expand their investment layout in Hainan. For example, Japan has experienced and advanced technology in regard to energy conservation, environmental protection, and high-end manufacturing which are needed for Hainan's development.

After learning about the construction of Hainan's FTP, Tetsuya Shinohara, general manager of Mitsubishi's Global Strategy & Coordination Department, was surprised by Hainan's development and achievements in recent years. He said that Mitsubishi has always been optimistic about the Hainan market. The number of its Rosen stores has increased to more than 100. In the future, Mitsubishi will deepen its cooperation with Hainan through its participation at the China International Consumer Products Expo (CICPE).

Mitsui Products has been paying attention to the development of Hainan's FTP. The head of its global business planning department said that it will plan the investment layout of Hainan in combination with its business needs.

The head of Marubeni Corporation also had a detailed understanding of the policy advantages and the latest development trends of Hainan's FTP, and said that it would explore the possibility of cooperation with Hainan in more fields.

Officials of the Hainan International Economic Development Bureau said that they will provide one-stop services for Japan enterprises in policy interpretation, decision-making consultation, and site selection. They will do this by making full use of Hainan's free trade port policies and the superposition effect of RCEP. They will also improve their relationship with the three major platform channels, including the CICPE, the Japanese Enterprise Service Center and the Japan Enterprise Cluster Demonstration Park.


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