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Hainan cactus business takes off

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Zhong Meimo Cactus Industry Co, established on June 2019, is committed to the cultivation of cacti, planting technology, and the development of high value-added cactus products.

The company has China's outstanding expert teams for cactus planting, agricultural tourism management and R&D of products and aims to build primary, secondary and service industrial chains in the cactus market.

The company plans to build cactus planting bases with a total investment of 150 million yuan ($24 million). In 2020, a cactus planting base was located in Wangwu town, Danzhou city of Hainan, covering an area of more than 92 hectares.

The cactus planting base is currently the largest outdoor one of its kind in the tropical and subtropical regions in China.

In the base, the planting area of the edible cactus is about 27 hectare, and can produce about 2,000 tons of edible cactus leaves per year with an annual output value of 40 million yuan.

The planting area of cactus fruit is more than 53 hectares, and produce 1,200 tons of cactus fruit per year valued at about 36 million yuan.

The planting area of ornamental cactus is more than 5.3 hectares.

The company has helped hundreds of local rural households to escape poverty by involving them in agricultural development in the planting base.

The base is also integrating cactus planting with popular science and leisure tourism.

The company plans to select a total of about 333.33 hectares of arable land in Hainan suitable for cactus growth in the next two years, to provide sufficient raw materials for intensive processing of industrial projects.

Also, a health and tourism complex will be built in to promote combined functions of agriculture, culture, education, health and leisure.

Meimo Cactus Industry Hainan Co Ltd, a sister company of Zhong Meimo Cactus Industry Co, was established in December 2018 with a registered capital of 100 million yuan.

It is also located in Wangwu town, Danzhou city, and covers an area of about 3.08 hectares.

The company is involved in the construction of intensive cactus processing plants with high standards and new technology, and the production of high value-added and healthy cactus products.

The company has so far invested 20 million yuan in R&D of cactus products, and will continue to invest more.

The company is selling its cactus beverages to first-tier and second-tier cities and five-star hotels in China.

At the same time, it is cooperating with Inner Mongolia Mengniu Dairy Farming Group to develop cactus yogurts, and with China Resources Breweries Co Ltd and Yanjing Beer to develop cactus beer.


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