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The Wanning coastal tourist highway in eastern Hainan connects a dozen beautiful spots, including Shimei Bay, Nanyan Bay and the Shenzhou Peninsula. [Photo by Yang Shizhong/for chinadaily.com.cn]


Wanning, situated in the southeast of Hainan Island, is 112 kilometers away from Sanya and 139 kilometers away from Haikou.

The population of Wanning is 640,000 people, who reside in 207 villages and communities across the city. It is renowned as a "world longevity zone"; the average lifespan of its residents is five years longer than that of the national average.

Wanning also enjoys a reputation as a world-renowned surfing destination, the hometown of Chinese areca nuts, as well as the hometown of Chinese calligraphy and martial arts.

In recent years, through the successful hosting of a series of major conferences and sports events like the Roundtable Conference on China-Africa Cooperation, the Wanning International Surfing Competition, the China Longzhou Tournament, and the Hainan Roundabout Cycling Race, Wanning has continued to bolster its global image and enhance its international reputation.

Wanning is located at the junction of a tropical and a subtropical tropical monsoon climate, providing it with excellent ecology and a pleasant climate. The average annual temperature is 24.8 C. On its 109 km coastline, there are more than 10 beautiful high-quality bays, two inland seas, as well as seven scenic islands and peninsulas.

The county-level city boasts picturesque scenery and an abundance of tourism resources. Tourists can not only appreciate the natural landscapes of Wanning, such as mountains, peculiarly-shaped stones, and beaches, but also its cultural relics and historical sites. Popular tourist attractions in Wanning include Dongshan Ridge, Xinglong Hot Springs, Nanwan Bay, Riyue Bay, and Chunyuan Bay.

During the 13th Five-Year Plan period (2016-20), Wanning's agricultural product processing and green building materials industries grew rapidly, and the city received more than 20 million overnight tourists. Non-real estate investment accounted for more than 50 percent of the city's total, and its economic vitality continued to increase, with 45,000 market entities contributing to "domestic circulation". During this period, the total retail sales of consumer goods were fifth highest in the province.

In 2020, the regional GDP of Wanning reached 24.1 billion yuan ($3.72 billion) , ranking fourth among the 15 county-level cities in the province. The growth rate of its industrial added value ranked first in the province, and a modern industrial system befitting the position of Wanning in the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port was established.

Investment advantages

Ample power

Wanning's power grid has been incorporated into the provincial grid network, with a grid coverage of more than 98 percent. The city has advanced power supply equipment. The rural power grid has been fully transformed, and rural residents can enjoy the same network at the same price as urban citizens.

Convenient transportation

Hainan East Line Expressway crosses the city and there are two national highways, 14 city (county) highways and 239 township highways, with a total length of 160 kilometers, 179 kilometers and 861 kilometers respectively. The access rate of every administrative village is 100 percent. There are also eight ports. Of these, the larger ones are Wanzhou Port and Wuchang Port. These ports are connected to the shipping routes of the southeast coastal ports.

Accessible communication infrastructure

Wanning has advanced post and telecommunications facilities. Program-controlled telephones can directly dial more than 1,000 cities and counties in China and more than 180 countries and regions in the world.

Business-friendly environment

Governments at all levels in Wanning City have carried out special rectification tasks and fully implemented direct processing systems, window service systems, and social service commitment systems in government agencies to reduce the bureaucratic burden, increase their transparency, and become more open. So far, organizations' working style has been significantly improved, and efficiency and service quality have been greatly improved.

Numerous preferential investment promotion policies have been formulated based on the principle of allowing the market to exchange capital and technology, realizing big profits in the long term.

Key investment promotion industries

Tourism and Wellness

Tourism and Commerce

Tourism and Food

Tropical Modern Agriculture

Marine Industry

Round-the-Island Tourist Highway


Wanning Investment Promotion Office

Tel: 86-0898-62228027

Address: No 26 Hongzhuan Middle Road, Wancheng Town, Wanning, Hainan

Boao Lecheng Specialist Clinic Project
Qionghai, Hainan Province
500 million yuan
Mei'an Biomedical Industrial Park Project
Haikou, Hainan Province
20 billion yuan


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