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OneWeb looking to build a satellite communication ground station in Sanya

Updated: govt.chinadaily.com.cn

Location: Sanya China Science Remote Sensing Information Industrial Park

Sector: Aerospace

Investment Mode: Joint-venture enterprise, setting-up satellite ground stations.

On November 19, 2019, actively promoted by Hainan Provincial Industry and Information Technology, Adrain Steckel, CEO of OneWeb, the UK-based global communications company, visited Hainan to participate in the “Sea, Land and Air” Technological Innovation, Industrial Development and International Cooperation Forum in the free trade port and to sign an agreement with the Sanya government.

OneWeb will set up a joint-venture enterprise in the Sanya China Science Remote Sensing Information Industrial Park to build its first satellite ground station in Asia.

Steckel said that “The ground station in Hainan can not only serve Hainan province, but also the Belt and Road. We hope to solve connectivity problems for regions.” Hainan has advantages in policy, geography and industry, and has been continuously improving its business environment and constructing the Free Trade Port.

OneWeb, which was the first company to put forward the Low-Earth Orbit Satellite Constellation Internet, has sent up six satellites in the past year and won priority in accessing international bandwidth. It can serve remote areas of air and ocean which traditional ground systems cannot cover. It plans to launch a constellation of 650 low-earth orbit satellites to provide reliable, high-speed, low latency internet service.


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