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600,000-Ton Acetic Acid Project

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Project Name

600,000-Ton Acetic Acid Project

Project Location

Oil and gas refining industrial park in Yangpu Economic Development Zone (YEDZ), Danzhou, Hainan province


The Secondary Industry

Investment Scale

The project investment capital will be 2.6 billion yuan, including construction investment of 2 billion yuan.

Construction Period

The construction period of the project is 24 months

Project Type


Investment Model

Sole proprietorship, joint venture, other

Publishing Date


Project Description

1 Introduction

This 600,000-ton acetic acid refinery line will be located at the oil and gas refining industrial park in Yangpu Economic Development Zone (YEDZ). It has a planned occupied area of 10 hectares and will provide jobs for 180 employees. Led by domestic market demand and the supply of raw materials such as methanol, the refinery line’s maximum production is 600,000 tons per year, with a running capacity of 8,000 hours per year. This 600,000 tons-per-year acetic acid production will be applied to downstream vinyl acetate (VCA), acetic ester and purified terephthalic acid (PTA) production lines.

2 Targeted Investors

Both domestic and international petrochemical companies.

Joint-stock Company of Japan, DSM of the Netherlands, BASF of Germany and Baling Petrochemical of Sinopec.

3 Advantages

★ Hainan province is located at the center of East Asia and Southeast Asia; it is the junction between China and Southeast Asia. It is also close to the busiest international shipping routes. It is an important strategic fulcrum of the "the Belt and Road" initiative. It has geographical advantages such as coastlines, borders, and islands. Hainan is the most important transportation hub in Southeast China. Hainan Free Trade Port will be a new center for opening-up in the Asia-Pacific area. It provides a good location for the construction of new petrochemical projects.

★ With more than 20 ports within a range of around 200 nautical miles, Yangpu Economic Development Zone (YEDZ) lies at the heart of the West Beibu Gulf and is adjacent to the ASEAN Free Trade Area. It is a deep-water port in the Beibu Gulf that is close to major international shipping routes. It is also a petrochemical center and China's closest fossil fuel storage base to both the oil and gas resources of the South China Sea and the oil resources of the Middle East. It is the first stop for oil and gas from the Middle East and Africa when entering China, and an important strategic pivot of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road.

★ Yangpu is a deep-water port with access to major East Asian and Southeast Asian sea routes. As Cosco Shipping Lines and others have opened liner routes to Yangpu Economic Development Zone, cargo can reach 14 domestic ports and eight foreign trade ports.

4 Project planning and policy support

(1)Policies offered by Hainan Provincial Government

★ The YEDZ Development Regulation authorizes YEDZ, as a municipal-level district, to develop a variety of business promotion policies.

★ Measures Supporting the Development of YEDZ (2011-2030) empowers YEDZ to:

(i) develop, revise, prepare and approve general urban plans, industrial plans and specific regulations;

(ii) review and approve the use of land, sea, forest or island for various projects; and

(iii) approve provincial-level environmental assessment reports and pollution control permits for construction projects. In addition, one-stop government services are provided in YEDZ.

Land information

According to the Yangpu Economic Development Zone planning outlook (2011-2030), the 600,000-ton acetic acid project meets Yangpu's industrial planning conditions. The project location area is used for three types of industrial land. The project's construction land complies with the detailed regulatory planning of Yangpu Economic Development Zone. The current land property rights of the site are clear and the amount of demolition required is limited. This new acetic acid refining line can be started soon, and it has a certain amount of land for long-term expansion.

(2) Supporting facilities

It has strong industrial foundations; it can rely on the advantages of the wharf to build logistical support; there is a convenient and efficient transportation network; it's supported by the park's public pipe corridors, heating centers, sewage treatment plants, hazardous waste disposal centers, etc., to meet the public works required by the project; it has living facilities; and it has complete supporting facilities for the creation of a new coastal industrial city that is livable and suitable for business.

Project Owner

Yangpu Economic Development Zone



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