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System Integration and Innovation Reform Plan of Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone of Hainan Free Trade Port

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In order to put the guiding principles of the keynote speech delivered by General Secretary Xi Jinping on April 13, No 12 Central Document and the instructions given by General Secretary Xi Jinping on the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port fully into effect, the Plan is hereby formulated in accordance with the spirit of the Master Plan for the Construction of Hainan Free Trade Port, the Implementation Plan of the National Development and Reform Commission, the National Health Commission, the National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the National Medical Products Administration on Supporting the Construction of the Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone, and the Regulations on the Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone of Hainan Free Trade Port.

I. Basic Requirements

Upholding the red line of risk prevention and control, priority should be given to the innovation of institutional integration to free people's minds to make bold innovations; the initiative of Hainan Free Trade Port reform should be implemented to promote innovation and reform of institutional integration in comprehensively carrying out the reform of "streamlining review and approval", liberalization and facilitation of licensed drug and medical device trade and investment, facilitation of cross-border capital flow and strengthening risk prevention, improve the management and service efficiency of the healthcare industry in Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone of Hainan Free Trade Port (hereinafter referred to as the "Boao Hope City"), and pilot the "zero review and approval" system for the construction of engineering projects.

II. Major Objectives

Following the overall requirements for the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port, promote the high-level open and high-quality development of Boao Hope City, adhering to the concept of planning guidance, ecological priority and green development, we aim to level up domestic medical technology, equipment and drugs to the international advanced level, build a world-class international medical tourism destination and medical science and technology innovation platform, foster a legal and facilitated business environment, and provide reproducible and propagable experience for the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port.

III. Reform Measures

(I) Free and convenient trade in licensed drugs and medical devices.

1. Build the only whole-process traceability platform for unmarketed licensed drugs and medical devices in China. By using blockchain, Internet of Things and three-dimensional GIS (Geographic Information System) + BIM (Building Information Modeling), Lecheng Pilot Zone Administration, Medical Products Administration of Hainan Province, Hainan Health Commission and Haikou Customs District P.R.China build a unified, convenient and real-time monitoring whole-process traceability platform for licensed drugs and medical devices oriented to public needs, based on data sharing and focusing on business coordination, so as to empower the intelligent supervision of the Zone, and organically connect with the high-standard "single window" for international trade to shorten the review and approval time of licensed drugs and medical devices in urgent clinical need that have been marketed abroad and unmarketed in China to 3 working days (see Annex 1). The whole process of online review and approval, patient follow-up, adverse reaction monitoring can be traceable and supervised, which is vital to the "management and liberalization" of licensed drugs and medical devices. A special virtual supervision has been formed to synchronize with international innovative drugs and medical devices preliminarily.

2. Establish the only bonded warehouse for the centralized storage of unmarketed innovative drugs and medical devices in China. Haikou Customs District P.R.China implements the inspection and quarantine mode of "warehousing first and quarantining afterwards" to greatly improve the import efficiency of drugs and medical devices. The ex-warehouse mode of "graded distribution and centralized reporting" of bonded warehouses should be implemented to encourage the batch import and storage of drugs and medical devices, and increase the public attributes of bonded warehouses; the bonded warehouses can provide services such as logistics, customs, transportation, storage, and distribution, so as to reduce the customs clearance, logistics and storage costs of drugs and medical devices significantly, and achieve the transformation from "patients waiting for drugs" to "drugs waiting for patients".

3. Hold the only "‘Ever Lasting’ International Innovative Medicine Equipment Exhibition" in China. Boao Hope City provide online and offline display, release and training platform for international innovative drugs and medical devices unmarketed in China, so as to ensure that doctors and patients can enjoy innovative drug and medical device services synchronized with the advanced international level without going abroad. A brand-new international display window for innovative drugs and medical devices in China is taking shape.

(II) Free and convenient in investment.

4. Set up a medical innovation and entrepreneurship platform. Relying on the medical institutions in the Zone, such as Boao Super Hospital, the international innovative drug and device transformation platform was introduced to systematically accelerate the import, agency, investment, use and registration of international innovative drugs and devices; a cutting-edge medical technology transformation platform should be set up to muster the advanced medical technology; a "1+X" public medical platform should be built, so that medical institutions or teams can settle efficiently and economically.

5. Innovate the service mode. Establish a joint assessment and review mechanism with Lecheng Pilot Zone Administration at the core and coordinated by multiple departments to ensure that the project entry standard is not reduced, single-window service, one-off notification and various licenses are handled in one time, so that "the Zone has the final say". Regularly meeting should be held based on the principle of collaboration, participation, and common interests. Establish a regional licensed medical ethics center for various professionals to control various risks uniformly for the use of innovative drugs and medical devices.

(III) Free and convenient cross-border capital flow.

6. Establish a liberalization and facilitation system for cross-border capital flow in Hainan Free Trade Port. Further promote the settlement facilitation of cross-border transaction of medical treatment, drugs and medical devices; convert bank authenticity verification from pre-verification to post-verification; boost the development of medical treatment, drugs, medical devices, and health care services; streamline exchange management in terms of overseas listing, issuance of bonds, etc.; take the lead in piloting enterprises' overseas listing and foreign exchange registration directly handled by banks, and applying artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and other scientific and technological financial policies, products and tools; actively broaden various forms of industrial financing channels, and relax the scope of capital use of foreign-funded enterprises; actively introduce the "regulatory sandbox" mechanism; establish financial service centers to coordinate relevant industry competent departments and financial institutions to provide cross-border capital flow services for enterprises and projects; make overall plans to promote commercial medical insurance services connected with the international commercial insurance payment system and cooperate to develop cross-border medical insurance products.

(IV) Residence facilitation of foreign nationals.

7.Intensify the implementation of existing policies and measures to facilitate the introduction of talents. It mainly includes providing more convenient entry and residence measures for foreign talents, providing residence convenience for foreign technicians, facilitating employment and entrepreneurship of foreign students in colleges and universities, and providing permanent residence convenience for foreigners who work and invest in the Zone.

8.Introduce facilitation measures for the diagnosis, treatment, entry, stay and residence of foreign medical staff, patients and accompanying personnel. Medical staff working in the Zone can apply for issuing a residence permit for work consistent with the work contract; with the medical service certificate issued by the medical institutions in the Zone or Class III medical institutions in other regions of Hainan, foreigners and their accompanying family members can apply for a private affairs visa or residence permit consistent with the medical service term; establish a patient service center to provide one-stop services such as consultation, diagnosis and treatment for patients at home and abroad, so as to facilitate the diagnosis and treatment of patients at home and abroad, and optimize the development environment of the Zone.

(V)Creating the only "global franchise licensed drug insurance" in China and innovating the payment mode of pharmaceutical insurance.

9.Build a comprehensive insurance service platform, and support all insurance institutions to promote the innovation of various types of insurance products at all levels. Through the mechanism of "medical insurance + commercial insurance", the drugs unmarketed in China are added to domestic health insurance for the first time. By making full use of multiple precise pricing factors such as the incidence of tumor types by site, the estimated cost of franchise licensed drug of different tumor types in the drug list within different guarantee times, and drug cost compensation or discount, the traditional pricing model of commercial health insurance, which mainly focuses on the incidence of diseases, is reconstructed to solve the problem of high prices of foreign franchise licensed drugs. Multiple breakthroughs in health insurance have been made, including no restriction on age and occupation, no waiting period, no deductibles, no need for physical examination at the time of insurance, no restriction on past medical history insurance, and exemption from past medical history medication liability at the time of claim settlement. Introduce the commercial insurance payment platform to provide installment payment and other plans for patients.

(VI) Carrying out the pilot program of clinical real-world data application, and making every effort to promote the reform of "streamlining review and approval" in medical and health care.

10.Domestic first clinical real-world data is used for the new mode of drug and device registration. Boao Hope City enjoys the unique national policy for the import and use of licensed drugs and medical devices, which not only meets the needs of patients for medical treatment, but also generates precious clinical data. Under the guidance of National Medical Products Administration, Medical Products Administration of Hainan Province adopts the policy of licensed drugs and medical devices to carry out the pilot work of clinical real-world data application, explore the transformation of the clinical data of licensed drugs and medical devices not registered and approved in China and used in Boao Hope City into real-world evidence for registration approval in China through scientific research and design, strict data collection, efficient information processing, correct statistical analysis and multi-dimensional result assessment. Clinical real-world data application can shorten the time for international innovative drugs and medical devices to enter the Chinese market and reduce the registration cost, so that many international innovative drug and medical device enterprises can more actively promote the entry of innovative drugs and medical devices into China to benefit patients. It also provides a new solution for the reform of the national review and approval system for drugs and medical devices and enlarges the accessibility of international innovative drugs and medical devices for clinical use in China.

11. Innovate a two-in-one institutional regulatory model for medical treatment and drugs. Build the first medical drug regulatory authority jointly established by the health department and the drug regulatory authority in China; implement the integrated supervision mode of "healthcare + drugs" to realize one-stop handling; improve the review and approval efficiency of licensed drug and medical device; make the government perform its functions more smoothly to achieve business coordination, information exchange, resource sharing, and avoid repeated supervision, so as to form a joint supervision force to reduce administrative costs and improve regulatory efficiency.

11.Implement the system of "two certificates issued at one time". For the medical institutions established in Boao Hope City, the Approval for the Establishment of Medical Institutions is no longer issued, only the Practice License for Medical Institutions is issued. The application for the allocation of Class A large-scale medical equipment can be approved together, which greatly shortens the preparation cycle of medical institutions and reduces the initial operating costs of medical institutions. The applicant entity or individual submit the application materials for practice registration to the management institution of the Zone, and the management institution of the Zone submit the application materials to the Medical Products Administration of Hainan Province within 1 workday, which reviews the materials within 1 workday and issues the practice registration license of medical institutions and an official reply for the allocation license of large-scale medical equipment.

13. Registration facilitation of medical and nursing practice. Formulate standard handling guidelines for medical and nursing registration through electronic system, greatly reducing the time for registration and improving the efficiency of review and approval. Domestic medical and nursing registration can be completed within 1 workday, and foreign medical and nursing registration can be completed within 5 workdays.

14.Medical institutions in the Zone can share the qualifications of practicing physicians and nurses. Medical physicians (including overseas ones) whose main practicing institutions are in the Zone can directly practice in other medical institutions in the Zone, and nurses (including overseas ones) can practice at multiple sites in the Zone.

(VII) Comprehensively promoting and deepening the reform of "streamlining review and approval" for project constructions.

Transform the project construction mode from "approving first and constructing later" to "constructing first and accepting later". Under the overall framework of "constructing first and accepting later" and in accordance with the four stages of project construction, streamline the review and approval processes, and compress the total review and approval time limit to 9–13 workdays (see Annex 2) through such reform measures as pre-review with incomplete application materials, review and approval afterwards, notification commitment, combination of letters and certificates, joint acceptance inspection and strengthening operational and post-operational oversight to ensure the efficient implementation of projects.

15. Add 2 regional assessments. On the basis of the original 8 regional assessments, add 2 regional assessments, i.e. cultural relics protection and water safety demonstration, according to the needs of development and construction. The above assessments will not be carried out for a single project.

16.Cancel 6 project approval items. For the projects conforming to the overall planning of provinces and cities as well as the overall planning and control detailed planning of the Zone, the following 6 assessment and approval items are canceled: the opinion on the assessment of construction project planning and design plan, which is incorporated into the issuance of construction project planning permission; the assessment and approval of civil building civil air defense project planning and construction (or the assessment and approval of relocation construction); the assessment and approval of the design plan of the auxiliary greening project of construction projects; the assessment and approval of construction detailed planning plan; water-saving facilities construction declaration and filing, which is incorporated into the joint assessment by the water affairs department; and the assessment and approval of water-saving facilities planning for construction projects.

17. Clarify environmental standards for industrial access. In accordance with the special list of market access liberalization and the negative list for foreign-funded projects in Hainan Free Trade Port, the mode of "three lines and one list" is deepened and promoted on the basis of the planning environmental impact assessment. Formulate environmental standards for industrial access; optimize the examination and approval of environmental impact assessment reports of construction projects; refine environmental management and control and pollutant discharge standards to local block units according to industrial layout; publish negative lists for environmental access; strengthen enterprise self-discipline, integrity management, operational and post-operational oversight, and ensure that pollutants meet the standards for discharge. The environmental impact assessment of the projects included in the access list implements a commitment filing system. The filing agency does not conduct a substantive review of the environmental impact report (form), and directly file the environmental assessment of the eligible projects.

18. Innovate the way of project generation. Adhering to the concept of planning guidance, ecological priority and green development, based on "multiple regulations in one" and "one blueprint", relying on the informatization platform to cooperate in planning projects, verify the pre-selected site, land use indicators and other conditions of allocated land and transferred land in advance, promote the implementation of planned projects, and seamlessly connect the project generation with the review and approval process.

19. Accelerate the establishment of the "standard land" system. Explore the implementation of "standard land" leasing first and transferring later, flexible period and other ways of land supply, and establish a whole-process "standard land" regulatory system. Effectively adapt to such streamlining review and approval reform measures as review with incomplete application materials, regional evaluation, joint acceptance inspection and commitment notification, so as to improve the efficiency of land use review and approval.

20. Reapply the planning permit of construction engineering after the incomplete application materials are prepared. For a project for which the construction land is obtained by transferring with a scheme (reaching the depth of the planning and design scheme, and passing the technical examination of the relevant department before bidding), the planning permit of construction engineering is directly issued within 1 workday after the acceptance formalities of the land use right are completed; for a project without transferring with a scheme, if the land use right has been obtained by bidding or other means, but the land use right certificate has not been improved, the early work of the project can be carried out simultaneously, and the planning permit of construction engineering is issued within 3 workdays. The examination and approval of construction projects involving national security, construction projects within tourist attractions, safety conditions of hazardous chemicals, anti-seismic fortification of super high-rise building projects and other matters are handled in a one-off manner. After starting the project, the preliminary approval items can be handled after approval, and the Owner needs to complete the approval in one time within 3 months.

21. The examination of construction drawing design is canceled, and all administrative licensing is not the precondition for the examination of construction drawing design documents.

Firstly, the Employer and the Designer shall undertake to submit the construction drawing design documents at the time of construction report to meet the requirements of public interests, public safety and mandatory standards for project construction, and upload the construction drawing design documents completed to the supervision information platform for the whole process of construction project for sharing, for the use of construction quality and safety supervision, joint mapping, joint acceptance of completion and archiving of urban construction archives.

Secondly, strengthen the management of design contracts, the designer should ensure that the design specialty is fully equipped, the design personnel have the corresponding design ability, and the design time and design cost should be reasonably compliant to ensure the quality of project design.

Thirdly, strictly implement the main entity responsibilities of the employer, the surveyor, the designer, the contractor, the supervisor and other construction participants, strengthen the primary responsibilities of the employer, and fully implement the quality lifelong responsibility system.

Fourthly, promote the construction of engineering quality insurance system, give full play to the role of market mechanism, and force all parties to implement their subject quality responsibilities through market means. Learn from the internationally accepted insurance mode for engineering quality defects, pilot the Inherent Defect Insurance (IDI) for construction projects, and research and explore the insurance mode for the whole-process risk control of engineering quality and safety.

Fifthly, establish an "oversight model of random inspection and public release" sampling inspection mechanism for project survey and design, organize experts to conduct joint sampling inspection on the construction drawing design documents uploaded to the supervision platform, conduct joint graphic review on the designs of fire control, civil air defense, water-saving facilities, specific projects and lightning protection devices, garden greening, etc., and strengthen the operational and post-operational oversight on the design quality. According to the spot check, the employers or the designers with good performance commitment, high design quality and high credit rating can enjoy reduced or exempted random inspection. The illegal behaviors and misconducts found in the spot check shall be dealt with according to law. Carry out credit evaluation on design quality, market and personnel, and disclose the credit situation to the public.

22. Review and approve construction permit in stages, to start construction immediately upon approved. After handling the constructive land allocation procedures for a construction project, the construction permit shall be approved and directly issued within 1 workday after the employer and the designer made the commitment of meeting the requirements for construction drawing design, safety and HSE measures, project quality assurance measures, project management, contract management and site construction conditions; the handling procedures of construction permit shall be accelerated by permit approval in stages. After the EPC Contractor is determined by the employer, according to the construction progress, the employer can flexibly divide the construction schedule into three stages (respectively apply for construction permit to three stages of "foundation pit supporting and earthwork excavation" "basement" "above ±0.000 elevation works"), two stages (incorporating "foundation pit supporting" and earthwork excavation" and the "basement" into "below ±0.000 elevation works", namely respectively apply for construction permits to the "below ±0.000 elevation works" stage and the "above ±0.000 elevation works" stage), or apply for construction permits to the whole construction project, where construction permit for each stage will be approved and issued within one workday, to facilitate immediate construction upon constructive land allocation.

23. Implement the combination of letters and certificates. In case of projects without permit of project planning and construction after commitment due to special causes, a combination of letters and certificated shall be applicable, thus planning letter and commencement letter shall be issued to start the project construction, and relevant approval procedures can be completed in later stages, and measures such as the pre-review of design, pre-participation of quality supervision will be taken to ensure the smooth commencement of such project.

24. Carry out joint mapping and surveying. Joint mapping and surveying facilitate shared results. The Owner of construction projects may jointly entrust a surveying and mapping unit with corresponding qualifications to carry out all verification and surveying of planning conditions, civil air defense engineering, and mapping and surveying of real estate involved in the completion inspection and acceptance of construction projects.

25. Optimize the installation and access of municipal utilities. Municipal public services departments administrating water supply, drainage, electricity, gas, communications will settle in the industrial park for fast services, including sharing project information on the project review and approval administration platform, and get in at the project approval stage to provide technical guidance, take the initiative to inform handling process, provide project red lines underground pipeline information, municipal utilities access scheme, and the design scheme. The application for installation shall be handled in advance on the online government service website before the start of construction, which shall be incorporated into the complete online process of the construction project. Relevant facilities shall be completed in the construction stage of the project, and access procedures shall be handled directly after completion acceptance.

26. Carry out joint acceptance. The streamlining joint acceptance to approved projects in the industrial park will be further optimized, specifically one-time two-acceptance (acceptance of planning, quality, civil air defense, fire control, security, and archives, and acceptance of supporting facilities such as municipal and public utilities) and final acceptance for all projects shall be implemented, so that the principle of "accept all applications, implement in a centralized manner, jointly inspect and accept, and complete in specified timelimit". The management agency of the industrial park will be responsible for take the lead to the streamlining joint acceptance to approved projects, and the joint acceptance will be completed within 7 workdays.

27. Project "zero approval" system will be piloted.

The project "zero approval" system contains two aspects:

One side is the zero approval for construction project as a whole. The independent implementation of construction projects (i.e., "zero approval") is innovatively established. During the trial phase, the employer shall independently decide whether to follow the "zero approval" system. For projects with "zero approval" applied by the employer, review to technical conditions and compliance with laws and regulations shall be independently organized by the employer, and where the construction condition is satisfied according to comments from the survey and design agency, the employers, expert evaluation, law firms and other relevant units, and commitment is issued by the employer, the review and approval department will keep digital and electronic record other than review and approval again. A supervision system to buildings in the whole life cycle will be established and improved to ensure the legal status of the independent determination of construction projects, and illegal acts such as unauthorized alteration of building function and structure shall be prohibited.

The other side is the "zero approval" for parts of project application materials. A certification system for qualified professionals will be established for implementation of "zero approval" to parts of the project application materials. National registered professionals and technicians such as architects, planners, engineers, and lawyers may apply to become qualified professionals. For the materials or commitment statements issued by qualified professionals for project construction in compliance with the principles of specialization, marketization and the rule of law, the review department will no longer review the specific content, namely "zero approval". The legal liability and market risk arising therefrom shall be borne by the employer, survey and the design agency, engineering unit, evaluation experts, law firms and other qualified professionals themselves.

(VIII). Improving the construction of a credit supervision system.

A social credit system shall be established and improved to give full play to modern information technology such as"Internet +", "big data" and block chain, and to deepen the "random inspection and public release" market regulation system, thus a process supervision system on the basis of credit supervision and in compatibility with negative list will be formed, and a joint management pattern with self-discipline of enterprise and trade, social supervision and government regulatory.

28. Improve the medical and health credit system and innovate an integrated supervision model.

First, improve the medical and health credit system. For the credit rating regulation, a credit evaluation standard will be formulated for medical and health institutions and their employees to cultivate the concept of honesty in the process of medical practice, procurement, diagnosis, charge and medicare, to observe the rules of medical service in good faith, such as rational inspection, drug use, treatment, and charge, and to encourage the trade association to carry out evaluation on medical quality and service capability.

Second, innovate an integrated supervision model. We will explore regulatory patterns suitable for the new medical technologies, products, businesses and development in new models. We will establish a first-class drug & device traceability management platform, to realize the sharing of the information for drug administration, customs and medical institutions in the industrial park by covering the whole process of drug and medical device import, approval, use and supervision. We will implement the strictest vaccine supervision system to strengthen whole-process supervision over drugs and vaccines, to effectively improve the level of supervision over drug safety and credit, and ensure the safety and effectiveness of drug used by our citizens.

The standards, operating procedures and administrative measures of medical treatment and drugs in the Hope City will be formulated and gradually improved. We will introduce measures for operational and post-operational oversight, strengthen the accountability mechanism, and hold those who violate the rules of discipline or neglect their duties accountable. Medical and health institutions having settled in the Hope City shall assume principal responsibilities for their own institutions and partners in practicing, standard services, service quality and safety in accordance with the law. We will strengthen supervision over the practice of practitioners in medical and health institutions, seriously investigate and punish those who violate laws and regulations and medical ethics in their practice, and investigate criminal liability for crimes committed in accordance with the law.

29. Improve the credit system in the field of construction and strengthen operational and post-operational oversight.

Firstly, improve the credit system. Promote the construction of information disclosure and credit system in the field of project construction, by establishing a credit evaluation standard and index system for the employer, the Surveyor, the designer, the Contractor, the Engineer, the third intermediary institutions and their employees, and disclosing project information, credit information of all entities and their employees. In addition, establish a scientific and effective credit evaluation mechanism and breach responsibility tracing system for projects, where the evaluation results shall be brought into the market credit management system for dynamic management. Entities with low credit grade determined in the process of daily supervision and regulation, inspection and review by the competent department of industry shall be included in the key oversight list, and the credit evaluation results shall be related to the qualification examination and approval of the participating parties, the registration of practitioners' qualification and the cancellation of qualification. A credit restraint mechanism of "one illegal record, many applications restricted" shall be formed by strengthening the collection and application of credit information of market subjects and increasing the punishment for breaking credit.

Secondly, make full use of information technology to strengthen coordinated supervision. Make full use of information technology to realize online real-time dynamic supervision and monitoring and improve the pertinence and effectiveness of supervision. Apply a combination of mobile law enforcement and electronic files to improve the effectiveness of supervision and law enforcement. Strengthen supervision of the online project processes to form an information chain in which sources and routes can be traced, and responsibilities can be investigated.

Strengthen the coordination, information exchange and mutual connection between the competent departments of the industry to establish a working mechanism under joint administration. Establish an exchange and sharing mechanism of credit information by expanding the application scope of electronic licenses, electronic seals and electronic certificates to effectively promote the sharing and communication of online electronic information in supervision work and timely and effectively extract the information data of projects.

Thirdly, strengthen regulation on commitments. Ensure that construction projects approved with incomplete application materials by means of commitment are carried out in accordance with the requirements of industry norms and standards under online whole-process supervision through the means of "random inspection and public release" and "Internet + supervision". If an applicant fails to fulfill its commitment within the time limit, such applicant shall be punished, its qualification for commitment and approval with incomplete application/claim material shall be cancelled, and the applicant shall be included in the list of discredit, and in serious cases, approval shall be rescinded or punishment shall be imposed according to relevant regulations.

Fourthly, strictly implement the withdrawal mechanism. The withdrawal mechanism shall be implemented according to Interim Procedures for Project Withdrawal from Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone of Hainan Free Trade Port. The withdrawal mechanism shall be initiated in a timely manner for projects that are in serious violation of planning, have major safety risks of project quality, have long-term idle land, seriously affect the environment, fail to perform the framework agreement of project entry, investment agreement and relevant commitments and cannot be rectified.

(IX) A platform for all procedures improves efficiency of online and offline work.

30. Give full play to modern information technologies such as the "Internet +", big data, chain blocks and artificial intelligence to strengthen the integration between system innovation and strengthen the orderly data sharing, build the "planning, construction & management" data query system, CIM (city information model) auxiliary decision system, thus an online streamlining approval service system "a blueprint, a system, a login, a form, a one-time approval" is established to handle all procedures in one platform. The efficiency of review and approval will be improved.

(X) Strengthening risk prevention and control.

Formulate and implement effective risk prevention measures, clarify rules and standards for process supervision, implement supervision responsibilities, carry out effective whole-life supervision, and prevent major risks in the fields of medical care, ecological protection, biosafety and engineering construction.

31. Establish and improve mechanisms for the prevention and handling of medical disputes. Ensure safety operation of the industrial park by establishing and improving the emergency mechanism, strengthening the medical supervision in the region, implementing more strict daily inspection, finding and properly dealing with risks and hidden dangers timely; strengthen oversight over medicines and vaccines throughout the process, severely punish violators and punish those who are derelict in their duties; give more speeches of relevant laws, regulations and policies to constantly enhance the awareness of enterprises in the industrial park to operate according to law; correctly guide public opinion and respond to public concerns in a timely and effective manner.

32. Strengthen the prevention and control of ecological risks and implement a strict access management system involving environmental protection. Promote the construction of facilities for disposing medical waste and other hazardous wastes, and improve the capacity for emergency preparedness and response to ecological and environmental emergencies. Establish and improve the environmental protection credit evaluation system.

33. Strengthen prevention of major infectious diseases and biosafety risks. Establish a joint prevention and control mechanism for overseas epidemic diseases and pests with the cooperation of health department, customs and other departments.

34. Establish and implement a risk assessment system covering project quality, production safety, environmental protection, fire control, national security, water safety, climate safety, formulate corresponding risk prevention and control plans to strictly strengthen construction management, and ensure project quality, safety and environmental protection. To achieve scientific, reasonable, and safe construction, and to create "quality", "safety", and "green" projects.


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