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Talent attraction policies

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About 10,000 letters of interpretations on local preferential individual income tax policies have been delivered to high-level professionals in Hainan Free Trade Port. [Photo/China Daily]

Hainan is the largest special economic zone in China, with a world-class working and living environment. At present, the total number of talents here is nearly 1.3 million, and includes 50,000 high-level ones.

A large number of global talents, like renowned agronomist Yuan Longping, have emerged, covering three leading industries — tourism, the modern services high-tech industry, and 12 key industries including tropical feature high-efficiency agriculture, the Internet, medical care and health, exhibitions, modern logistics, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, and low-carbon manufacturing. With its unique environmental advantages, Hainan also attracts more than 100,000 "migratory" talents each year, of which over 30 percent are high-level talents.

In recent years, Hainan has issued a series of preferential measures for talents introduction, including One Million Talent Recruitment Action Plan of Hainan Province (2018-2025), Thousand Talents Program, Implementation Measures for the Flexible Introduction of Talents in Hainan Province, and Implementation Measures for Managing 'Migratory Talents' Workstation in Hainan Province (Trial), and has made great efforts to achieve the goal of wooing one million talents from home and abroad to Hainan by 2025.

In terms of talent evaluation, Hainan formulated the High-level Talent Classification Standards in Hainan Province (2020) and the Standards of Hainan FTP for Identification of 'High-level and Needed' Foreign Talents (Trial Implementation during 2020-2024), clarifying the scope and conditions for the recognition of talents of different levels, like high-end and scarce talents, master's-level talents, and outstanding talents. The province has also promised to offer better guarantees for master-level and outstanding talents in regards to their children's school enrollment, their spouses' employment, and medical security.

As for the guarantee of service for talents, Hainan has rolled out preferentially special services and security policies for foreign talents, covering permanent residence, social insurance, medical security, children’s schooling, spouse employment, and house and car purchases.

Social insurance

According to provisions of the Social Insurance Law of the People's Republic of China, foreigners who work in China participate in social insurance. The specific measures for foreign talents who innovate and start a business in the Hainan Free Trade Port to participate in social insurance shall be subject to provisions of Interim Measures for Foreigners who Work in China to Participate in Social Insurance (Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security Order No 16), Notice on Managing Issues about the Participation in Social Insurance of Foreigners who Work in China (Issued by Human Resources and Social Security Office (2011) No 113).

Medical guarantee

Foreign talents can participate in our medical insurance and enjoy the same corresponding medical insurance treatments. Meanwhile, foreign talents who work full time in Hainan and have been certified as Class A, B talents of our province are included in the scope of health care service objects of the provincial health care commission; those who are certified as Class C talents enjoy annual physical checkup and other services; those who are certified as Class A, B, C, D talents enjoy commercial health group insurance purchased by the government and enjoy corresponding treatments and services according to insurance contracts.

All kinds of international talents enjoy medical services at an international clinic. To ensure medical treatment of high-level foreign talents, the following foreign talents can enjoy medical green channel services for talents at an international clinic in our province:

(1) high-level talents who hold Work Permit for Foreigners in China of Class A and B and are certified as Class A, B, C in our provinces introduced as full-time personnel or flexibly introduced.

(2) Spouses and immediate families within two generations of Class A, B talents were introduced as full-time personnel.

School enrollment of children

For foreign talents who work full-time in Hainan and are certified as Class A, B talents of Hainan Province, their immediate families’ enrollment to our middle schools, primary schools and kindergartens can be solved by "one discussion for one case", according to personal will and demands. For foreign talents who work full-time in Hainan and are certified as Class C, D, E high-level talents of Hainan Province, their children who plan to attend our middle schools, primary schools, and kindergartens are arranged by education departments at the city and county level to attend the local public schools according to the principle of proximity.

Spouse employment and guarantee

Subject to marketization and in accordance with the principle of territory, high-level foreign talents make application. For those introduced by public institutions, their spouses will be arranged by the institution to work for other enterprises. For high-level talents introduced by enterprises, their spouses will be arranged to the enterprise or work for other enterprises. For enterprises that accept and arrange the spouse of high-level foreign talents, social insurance subsidy will be granted according to 50 percent of the total amount paid by the company, and the subsidy period is three years. for those who cannot be employed, the government will grant a certain proportion of living allowance based on the social average wages of the employees in the local area in the previous year.

Housing purchase and rental

According to relevant policies in our province, all kinds of talents introduced to work in Hainan but not yet settled can apply to purchase a house if at least one family member (including oneself, spouse, and minor children) has paid individual income tax or social insurance for 12 months and above in our province without a house in Hainan. Foreign talent can purchase a house in Hainan according to the above policy regulations.

In accordance with Implementation Plan for 'One Card Pass' Pilot Work of Foreign Talents Services in Hainan which clarified that foreign talents that hold Work Permit for Foreigners to Work in China (Class A, B)(hereinafter referred to as "Card Holder"), talents certified as Class A, B, C talents in our province (namely, original master-level talents, outstanding talents, and leading talents) enjoy rent-free settlement into apartments for talents according to corresponding standards and will be given property rights by stages when their full-time seniority reaches a certain degree. According to corresponding standards, other types of "Card Holders" enjoy house lease subsidies and house purchase subsidies.

Car purchase

Foreign talents can enjoy the corresponding car purchase policy as local talents.

(1) Class A, B, C, and D talents can directly obtain other quotas of passenger cars;

(2) Class A and B talents introduced flexibly can directly receive additional quotas of passenger cars upon certification;

(3) Class E talents can obtain the incremental quotas of new energy passenger cars through the way of ranking;

(4) The qualified Class C and D talents who have been introduced flexibly can obtain the incremental quota of new energy passenger cars through the way of ranking;

(5) All kinds of talents who have actually been introduced and worked in Hainan but have not yet settled can apply for the purchase of new energy passenger cars by referring to the car purchase conditions of residents in this province;

(6) Those urgently needed talents who have actually been introduced and worked in Hainan but have not yet settled can purchase cars regarding the same conditions as residents of this province;

(7) All types of high-level talents introduced flexibly, whose employment term is more than three years and service term in Hainan has been more than one year, can enjoy the same treatment as local residents in terms of car purchase upon certification.


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