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Decide your company type and name

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Step 1: Name Declaration

Handler’s eligibility

Legal representative or agent with Chinese nationality of any foreign-invested enterprise (FIE)

Materials to be submitted:

1. Basic information such as enterprise name, main business, registered capital and domicile.

2. Copies of qualification certificates of all investors

3. Copy/copies of the ID card of the designated representative or entrusted agent (handler).

4. Fill in the relevant information and upload the relevant certificates according to the guidance of the website.

Name review

Make sure files and relevant materials are complete and comply with the legal form for approval.

Electronic signature

Install the Hainan e-registration APP and apply for a signature certificate for signing by code scanning, where no login is needed.

Name approval

If there is no requirement for a pre-license, the enterprise name's retention period is one month. You can directly register the establishment of the enterprise on this website during the retention period; if there is a requirement for a pre-license, the enterprise name retention period is six months. You can apply for the pre-license from corresponding departments.




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