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De-register your company

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Step 5: Enterprise's Deregistration

Deregistration application

Simple deregistration

Types of enterprises suitable for simple deregistration: limited liability company, non-corporate enterprise legal person, sole proprietorship enterprise, partnership enterprise, farmers' specialized cooperative.

The simple deregistration procedure shall not apply to enterprises under any of the following circumstances:

foreign-invested enterprises that are subject to the special administrative measures for access as prescribed by the state;

enterprises included in the list of enterprises with abnormal operation or the list of enterprises with serious illegal and dishonest acts;

enterprises whose equities (investment interests) are frozen or pledged or movable property is mortgaged, etc.;

where laws, administrative regulations or decisions of the State Council stipulate that approval is required before the deregistration;

other circumstances in which simple enterprise deregistration is not applicable.

General de-registration

Follow the general deregistration procedure if not eligible to use the simple deregistration procedure.

Electronic signature and submission

Install the Hainan e-registration APP and apply for a signature certificate for signing by code scanning, where no login is needed. After signing, click the "Submit" key to submit all the data to the market supervision and administration authority for review.




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