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Transportation & infrastructure

A new type of Fuxing high-speed bullet train arrives at Haikou Railway Station. [Photo/Hainan Daily]

A convenient traffic network including that of the land, the air, and the sea has been constructed in Hainan.

The island has the world’s first circular high-speed railway, with a total road length of the province being 20,860 km and the network density being 79.23 km/100 square km, which runs through 12 cities and counties that are enriched in tourist attractions and natural beauty in both the east and west, including Haikou, Wenchang, Qionghai, Bo'ao, and Sanya. The Guangdong-Hainan railway, converging the existing Chahe Railway into Sanya Railway, links the island with mainland China. Train tickets could be conveniently booked and their further information could be thoroughly checked on www.trip.com, http://www.12306.cn/ as well as Wechat. The long-distance bus also provides tourists with the opportunity of sightseeing around the island on the bus.

Tourists from all over the world could also reach the island by air and by water. The Haikou Meilan International Airport and Sanya Phoenix International Airport have a combined throughput of 40 million person-times; the Boao International Airport has also been completed and put into operation. Besides, the system of “four directions, five ports”, with Haikou port and Yangpu port as its two cores, is being improved on a daily basis.

Despite transportation networks, the goal of “a province of all-optical networks ” has already been ensured. Urban areas, towns, and administrative villages are covered with optical networks and 4G networks; key public areas are also fully covered with Wi-Fi signals. The level of information infrastructure and the Internet speed of fixed broadband is among the highest in China.

Besides, the power network in Hainan also provides a strong guarantee for people’s daily lives and economic growth. The province has an installed capacity of 7,879,300 kW, in which 4,363,400 kW is installed for clean energy. Large power stations such as the Changjiang Nuclear Power Plant as well as the cross-sea power network connecting the Hainan Power Grid and the major network of China Southern Power Grid have been built, enabling the smooth and steady operation of the transportation network and all levels of infrastructure construction.

Additionally, the water network is highly efficient. The Hongling Reservoir and other major national water control projects have been established, allowing a total capacity of over 11 billion cubic meters. Meanwhile, the amount of water saved in the conservancy projects has reached 4.56 billion cubic meters, ensuring the sufficient supplication of water for both industrial usage and daily usage.

The construction of a gas network has also been accelerated. A west loop line of 637 km has been completed and put into operation. The urban gas pipe network covers over 50 percent of the urban population, while the "Gasification in Hainan" program has been accelerated, allowing access to pipeline gas of all counties by 2020.

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