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Liuke village in Qionghai's Boao town, Hainan province, has developed into one of the most popular tourist destinations in the area. [Photo/VCG]

Overview of Qionghai

Qionghai city is located on the east coast of Hainan province, with a land area of 1,710 square kilometers and a sea area of 1,530 square kilometers. The city has a permanent population of 502,500.

The city has a tropical monsoon climate, with ample sunshine, high temperatures, high rainfall and frequent typhoons. It has distinct dry seasons and wet seasons, and the temperature does not vary greatly throughout the year. It has a good ecological environment, and soil and water resources are well conserved. Biodiversity is relatively well protected and the forest coverage rate stands at 69 percent.

As the permanent site of the Boao Forum for Asia, the city has gained numerous monikers, such as the “Hometown of Culture”, the “Hometown of Overseas Chinese” and the “Hometown of Civilization”.

In 2020, the city's regional GDP was 29.21 billion yuan ($4.54 billion), a year-on-year increase of 3 percent at constant prices. The growth rate was 0.5 percent lower than the provincial rate and 0.7 percent higher than the national rate.

In 2020, the per capita disposable income of urban and rural residents in Qionghai was 26,745 yuan, up 5.7 percent year-on-year, 2.7 percentage points higher than the growth rate of GDP and 1.1 percentage points higher than the provincial average.


More than 20 kinds of metal and nonmetal ores have been discovered in the territory, including 14 mineral products with mining value, such as titanium, potassium, tungsten, gold, graphite, kaolin clay and glass sand. There are also geothermal resources including Guantang Hot Spring, Bei'an Hot Spring and Lanshan Hot Spring.

The city possesses “an airport, a high-speed rail, three highways and four ports”. Boao International Airport hosted 38 airlines in 2018, with routes to 40 cities via 12 airlines. Hainan's circular high-speed railway runs through Qionghai from south to north. Hainan's "Roundabout Highway", Wenchang-Qionghai Highway and Wanning-Yangpu Highway network cover the whole of Qionghai. And there are four coastal ports: Tanmen, Longwan, Boao and Qingge. Of these, Tanmen Port is a national key fishing port and one of the nearest ports to the Nansha Islands.

Key industrial parks and zones in Qionghai

Special planning area of Boao Forum for Asia

Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zon

National cooperation pilot zones for agricultural opening-up

"Internet of Vehicles"pilot zone

Key investment promotion industries

Healthcare industry


(1) The policy advantages of Lecheng Pioneer Zone;

(2) With the establishment of Lecheng Administration Bureau, management systems are being gradually improved;

(3) High-level universities and vocational colleges specializing in science, engineering, agriculture and medicine are able to run international schools independently in Hainan;

(4) Priority given to enterprises when they go public abroad;

(5) Exemptions from import duties, import value-added tax and consumption tax on imported production equipment for enterprises' own use.


(1) Hospitals and other medical service institutions;

(2) Pharmaceutical R&D and production enterprises;

(3) Medical device R&D and production enterprises;

(4) Medical research, education and training institutions;

(5) Healthcare and health service enterprises;

(6) Medical drug and equipment intermediary services and patient service institutions.

Enterprises are encouraged to base their headquarters and high-end facilities in Lecheng, and to settle their R&D, manufacturing, sales and other supporting industries in Qionghai.

Tourism and sports industry


(1) Rich tourism resources,including natural resources, cultural and historical resources and industrial resources, a potential base for developing conferencing and exhibitions, health tourism, red tourism, rural tourism, ecological tourism, marine tourism, etc;

(2) The quota for offshore duty-free shopping will be raised to 100,000 yuan per person per year, and duty-free goods categories will be expanded:

(3) Tourism enterprises established in Hainan Free Trade Port are entitled to corporate tax exemptions for income from newly-increased overseas direct investment before the year 2025;

(4) A more convenient visa free entry policy.


(1) The development, construction and operation of scenic spots;

(2) Tourism intermediary services, OTA online service agencies;

(3) Hotel and catering;

(4) Enterprises selling duty-free goods.

Conference and exhibition industry


(1) Brand effect and international influence of Boao Forum for Asia;

(2) Geographical location and transportation advantages;

(3) Building a national Sino-foreign culture and trade exchange base;

(4) Tax exemption on imports and sale of overseas exhibits during the exhibition.


(1) Large-scale exhibition projects, especially those with regular locations, an international focus andstrong industry momentum;

(2) Various exhibition institutions, industry organizations, and training institutions;

(3) Exhibition support service enterprises, including media advertising, business intermediaries, hotel and catering, and  enterprises using duty-free goods.

Highly effective tropical agriculture and marine fisheries


(1) National agricultural opening-up and cooperation experimental zone;

(2) There are four coastal ports, of which Tanmen port is a national key fishing port, and Longwan port is the only natural deep-water port in eastern Hainan;

(3) The Hainan government is authorized to manage and adjust the use of land;

(4) Products originating from Hainan, including output products whose added value exceeds 30 percent after the domestic processing of imported intermediary products, are exempt from taxes when entering the rest of China.


(1) Planting, breeding and processing enterprises of highly effective tropical fruit industry and "hot farming" industry;

(2) Leisure and sightseeing agriculture, home stays, shared farms, pastoral complexes and beautiful rural clusters combining agriculture, tourism, culture and healthcare;

(3) Construction of port and terminals infrastructure;

(4) Marine culture and ocean fishing;

(5) Seafood processing and trading;

(6) Recreational fishing and marine recreation.

New finance and modern service industry


(1) Corporate income tax of 15 percent on encouraged industrial enterprises;

(2) Exemptions from corporate tax on the income acquired from new foreign direct investment before 2025 for modern services and high-tech industry enterprises;

(3) The establishment of a multi-functional free trade account system;

(4) Pre-audit replaced with post-audit for the banking sector on authenticity review of cross-border and new international trade;

(5) Removed restrictions on overseas ship and aircraft financing.


(1) New finance industry, including banks, securities, insurance, funds, asset management, financial technology and other financial enterprises. The establishment of trading places for various financial products is encouraged.

(2) The modern logistics industry should make good use of the open policy of navigation rights, the opportunity of the formal opening of Boao port and the idle resources of Boao airport to attract logistics enterprises to settle and establish warehousing and distribution centers.

(3) High-end business services: lawyers, accountants and other intermediary services; planning and design, testing and certification; international trade services.

High-tech industry


(1) 5G pilot city and "Internet of Vehicles" pilot zone;

(2) Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pioneer Zone;

(3) Corporate income tax of 15 percent on encouraged industrial enterprises;

Exemption from corporate tax on the income acquired from new foreign direct investment before 2025 for high-tech industry enterprises;

(4) Opened up value-added telecommunications services;

Conducting the International Internet Data Interaction Pilot Project;

Conducting services like online data processing and transaction processing.


Qionghai Investment Promotion Bureau

Address: 2nd Floor, Government Affairs Service Center of Qionghai Municipal People's Government, Qionghai, Hainan


Boao Lecheng Specialist Clinic Project
Qionghai, Hainan Province
500 million yuan
Mei'an Biomedical Industrial Park Project
Haikou, Hainan Province
20 billion yuan


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