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Top foreign executives' views on CPC congress report Updated: 2022-10-19

Arthur Xu, President for China of Danfoss Group

His report is insightful. Danfoss is proud to be part of the great achievements that China has made over the years. Meanwhile, we are excited to see China's pledge to promote a high standard opening-up, its dedication to the green sector, as well as its endeavor to play a more active role in the global governance of climate change.

As we are proficient in developing green technologies, especially in energy efficiency solutions, Danfoss is keen to share our expertise and experiences with our Chinese partners to help decarbonize its growth and accelerate China's green transition.

Danfoss is committed to investment in China, the company's "second-home market". Our recent investment of 100 million euros ($98.29 million) to build a new manufacturing site in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, focusing on the development and production of power module, is a clear sign of the company's upbeat outlook of the green sector in China.

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