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Dongfeng Honda celebrates 20-year anniversary Updated: 2023-07-19


The celebration for Dongfeng Honda's 20th anniversary on July 16 in the Wuhan Economic & Technological Development Zone. [Photo provided to]

The 20-year anniversary of Dongfeng Honda was held on July 16 in the Wuhan Economic & Technological Development Zone (WEDZ).

Liu Ziqing, secretary of the working committee for the zone, conveyed his felicitations on the momentous occasion of the firm's anniversary. He expressed his deep sense of appreciation to Dongfeng Honda, effusively lauding its invaluable contributions towards driving China's automotive market forward.

On July 16, 2003, Dongfeng Honda was officially established in WEDZ. With four factories put in place now, it has gained the trust of over 7.5 million customers and has developed into the largest manufacturer in Wuhan.



One of Dongfeng Honda's workshops in the zone. [Photo provided to]

Throughout the course of the past six consecutive years, commencing in 2017, Dongfeng Honda has demonstrated a remarkable ability to attain an annual output value that supersedes the threshold of 100 billion yuan.

Remarkably progressive in its orientation, Dongfeng Honda has proactively devised a novel strategy: by the year 2030, it will introduce an array of revolutionary brands of pure electric vehicles (EVs). The company will no longer churn out any new gasoline-powered vehicles starting 2027, and by 2030, it aims to have launched more than 10 pure EV models.