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Panasonic's global refrigerator R&D center opens in WND Updated: 2023-07-17


An opening ceremony for Panasonic's global refrigerator R&D center is held in WND. [Photo/WeChat account: xinwu_wx]

The global refrigerator research and development center of Panasonic, a leading Japanese manufacturer of consumer electronics, opened in the Wuxi National Hi-tech District, also known as Wuxi New District.

The center will conduct independent research and development of refrigerators and key components such as compressors.

Tetsuro Homma, representative director and executive vice-president of Panasonic and the regional head for China and Northeast Asia, said that after signing an agreement with the WND to build the center in Sept 2022, the group has integrated its high-end compressor production and R&D center in Singapore as well as an R&D department in Suzhou into the Wuxi center to introduce new products and expand production capacity.

In the future, Panasonic will continue to increase its research and development investment in the local market, aiming to build the Wuxi center into the group's largest and most important refrigerator R&D and manufacturing base globally and achieve sustainable growth in sales and profits, added Homma.

He also noted that China is the world's largest market, and Panasonic attaches great importance to innovation in the Chinese market. The group currently has two production bases for refrigerators and energy in the Wuxi National Hi-tech District.