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WND company benefits from big investment in R&D

wndonline.cn Updated: 2023-07-11


Unicomp Technology's Wuxi Base. [Photo/WeChat account: xinwu_wx]

Unicomp Technology, an X-ray detection equipment manufacturer in Wuxi National Hi-tech District, or Wuxi New District, has been dedicated to developing X-ray sources since its establishment.

As X-ray sources are interdisciplinary high-tech products, the company's research and development department has set up a special center to study basic theories. The center has delved into many fields including atomic physics, solid-state physics, materials science, and thermodynamics, while continuously conducting experiments based on market demands.

In 2020, Unicomp finally developed China's first micro-focus X-ray source and achieved industrialization, making China the third country to develop the technology after the United States and Japan.

X-rays play a crucial role in detecting defects on integrated circuits, new energy batteries, and other products, while the X-ray source, as a core component, determines the penetration capability and image clarity of the inspection equipment. Unicomp's micro-focus X-ray source fully meets international standards in terms of precision and stability.

"I spent over 100 million yuan ($13.88 million) in basic research and it's worth it," said Liu Jun, chairman of the company. He added that the company will continue to increase R&D efforts, explore applications in more market segments, and expand overseas markets.

Currently, the company has three bases in Wuxi, Shenzhen, and Chongqing. Its clients include well-known companies in various industries such as BYD and CATL. Its products are exported to over 60 countries across Europe, Southeast Asia, and North America.


A staff member works at Unicomp. [Photo/WeChat account: xinwu_wx]

Three months ago, the company successfully went public. During a meeting held after the listing, Liu said that Wuxi not only has an advantageous geographical location and a complete industrial chain but also focuses on supporting business. The comprehensive government services are a great boon to the growth of technology startups, he added.