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One year on: Anhui's 'Silicon Valley' thrives Updated: 2023-06-30

It has only been a year since USTC Silicon Valley was created, but the area is already fast gaining recognition as a hub for scientific and technological innovation.


A signboard of the USTC Silicon Valley in Hefei. [Photo/]

Located in Hefei, capital of East China's Anhui province, the valley is so well-regarded that 43.5 percent of master's degree holders and 44 percent of PhD graduates from the University of Science and Technology of China have chosen to remain in Hefei for work because of the opportunities it offers.

Cao Shilei, the general manager of a tech company located in the Hefei high-tech zone – the core area of the USTC Silicon Valley – praised the area's strong science and innovation culture.

Chen Songnian, the general manager of Hefei GZDC Technology Co Ltd, said that enterprises within the valley easily find like-minded partners, which facilitates rapid product innovation and iteration. Because of this, Chen's company will be able to commence mass production of their new products next year.

Through collaborations with global partners and the establishment of new R&D institutions, USTC Silicon Valley is aiming to become a significant player in modern industrial development.

The 2021 Anhui government work report listed improving scientific and technological innovation capability as a priority and proposed the building of the USTC Silicon Valley to achieve this goal. The provincial government then issued an implementation plan for its construction on June 13 last year.