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Top 10 Chinese mobile robot enterprises by overseas orders Updated: 2023-03-17

A mobile robot is a machine that can automatically follow working orders from either human or programming. It enhances or replaces human work such as manufacturing, construction or hazardous tasks. The enthusiasm of China's mobile robot enterprises is increasing year-by-year.

On one hand, with the decrease of overseas labor populations and an increase of labor cost, enterprises' demand for intelligent manufacturing and intelligent warehousing is increasing.

On the other hand, the selling price of overseas mobile robot products is far higher than that of Chinese products, and considerable gross profit also drives China's mobile robot enterprises to go global.

Let's take a look at the top 10 Chinese mobile robot enterprises by overseas orders in 2022, according to, a market research and consulting service provider.


10 ForwardX

A ForwardX robot in operation. [Photo/ForwardX website]


9 Guozi Robotics

Robots of Guozi in operation. [Photo/Guozi Robotics]


8 Syrius Robotics

A Syrius Robotics product on display on its website. [Photo/Syrius Robotics website]


7 Multiway Robotics

Logo of Multiway Robotics. [Photo/Multiway Robotics' website]


6 iRayple

IRayple's booth during an expo. [Photo/iRayple's website]


5 VisionNav

The logo of VisionNav is seen on wall of an office building. [Photo/VisionNav's website]


4 Hikrobot

Mobile robots of Hikrobot at work in a factory. [Photo/Hikrobot's website]


3 Quicktron

A mobile robot is on display on the Quicktron's website. [Photo/Quicktron's website]


2 Hai Robotics

A visitor checks out the autonomous case-handling robotic system presented at the booth of Hai Robotics during a logistics expo in Shanghai in June 2021. [Photo provided to CHINA DAILY]


1 Geek+

A Geek+ intelligent forklift truck in operation. [Photo/Geek+' website]