Small seafood grows into prosperous industry in E China's Zhejiang |

Small seafood grows into prosperous industry in E China's Zhejiang

Xinhua Updated: 2023-03-14
Zhanjiang cashes in on Golden Pomfret for its rural vitalization efforts. ZHANG FENGFENG/FOR CHINA DAILY

Small seafood is now a shiny signboard of Sanmen county, Taizhou city, East China’s Zhejiang province.

The county has a coastline of more than 300 kilometers and 205,000 mu (13,666 hectares) of areas used for seawater aquaculture. It is home to over 100 varieties of small seafood.

The annual output value of small seafood in Sanmen exceeds 6 billion yuan ($862 million), said Xu Shizhao, a local official.

Xu added that the county has protected germplasm resources of small seafood, explored ecological farming models, built small seafood brands, and expanded markets in recent years.

Lei Huami, an employee of Sanmen Datao Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. in Taotou village, Sanmen county, said that the company’s razor clams and blood clams are sold to countries including the US, Singapore, and South Korea. According to Lei, the company’s output value exceeded 10 million yuan in 2022.

The popularity of ready-to-cook food has also driven the development of the small seafood industry in Sanmen.

Zhejiang Haibaxian Agricultural Development Co Ltd, a leading agricultural company in the county, is engaged in the production and sales of fresh, frozen and dried aquatic products. Last year, the company introduced equipment for the standardized production of ready-to-cook food and developed over 20 kinds of precooked seafood dishes, which are available at over 10 franchises and more than 100 sales outlets nationwide.

Another local company engaged in the processing of aquatic products launched over 10 kinds of ready-to-cook small seafood. The two companies produce more than 20,000 ready-to-cook dishes per month.

The county government has led local small seafood companies to attend the China International Import Expo every year and held small seafood expos for several years, helping introduce the county’s small seafood to the world.

According to Lei, relevant departments’support is significant to the export of Sanmen’s small seafood. “Take the export of razor clams to South Korea, for example. It takes only three to four days for South Koreans to have the tasty seafood delivered to their dining tables from the time razor clams are caught in Sanmen county, thanks to simplified procedures,” Lei said.