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New Farmer redefines rural life with new techniques Updated: 2023-03-02

For Feng Xiaotao, a 41-year-old apple grower from Central China's Henan province, planting in the orchard was not his first choice. Despite this, he found both fun and fortune after choosing to return to his hometown and take over the family business from his father a decade ago.

Before coming back, Feng knew nothing about growing apples. He learned from his father, an old agricultural technician. As a part of the younger generation, he easily found the best use of the internet to learn new techniques online and consult with experts through video calls.

To make more money from apple growing, he set up a rural cooperative for the villagers in 2014 seeing an opportunity in e-commerce. Almost 20 households in his village have now joined the cooperative, which helps them earn more money in the apple business.

"I prefer to engage in agriculture now. It is much better than being a migrant worker in cities," said Feng. Click the video to watch this new farmer's vigorous rural life.