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Guiyang Economic and Technological Development Zone

Updated: 2023-02-13
Guiyang Economic and Technological Development Zone boasts a subtropical climate with an annual temperature averaging 15.3 centigrade. [Photo/]


Founded in 1993, the zone was upgraded to the first national-level economic and technological development zone in Guizhou province in 2000.

Covering an area of 99.8 sq km, the zone has a population of 370,000.

It is home to more than 700 industrial enterprises, among which 82 are above designated size – those with annual output value of 20 million yuan ($2.95 million) or more.

The total output value of the advanced equipment industry accounts for 57.9% of Guiyang's total.

The total output value of the electronic information manufacturing industry accounts for 44.2% of Guiyang's total.

The total output value of the new energy vehicle manufacturing industry accounts for 15.5% of Guiyang's total.

In 2019, it was recognized as the industrial park with the highest growth potential of any industrial park in the country.

Xiaohe-Mengguan Industrial Park has ranked first in the evaluation of "the Growth Project for 100 Industrial Parks" in Guizhou province for seven consecutive years.

National-level honorary titles

National New Industrialization Industry Demonstration Base

National Eco-Industrial Demonstration Park

National Emergency Industry Demonstration Base

National Big Data Security Certification Demonstration Zone

National Demonstration Area for Famous Brands of Engineering Special Vehicles and Spare Parts Industry

The country's first comprehensive target range for big data security

Industrial base

Two leading industries and one special industry

Advanced equipment manufacturing: aerospace, construction machinery and emergency equipment, photoelectric industry, intelligent robot, and other industries

Electronic information manufacturing: electronic information equipment manufacturing, digital logistics, smart sensors, industrial Internet, and other industries

New energy vehicles: new energy vehicles and hydrogen energy, smart grid, new energy auto parts, and other industries

Advanced equipment manufacturing

An advanced equipment manufacturing industrial cluster dominated by aerospace and construction machinery has begun to take shape.

There are 18 enterprises above designated size in the aerospace industry, winning it the honorary title of "National Civil-military Integration (Equipment Manufacturing) High-tech Industrialization Base".

10 key representative enterprises led by Guizhou Jonyang Kinetics and Zhongmei Panjiang are now operating in the construction machinery sector.

Electronic information manufacturing

Mainly engaged in LCD TVs, electronic components, wires and cables, the industry has brought together 13 electronic information manufacturing enterprises above designated size.

New energy vehicles

Focusing on commercial buses, refitted vehicles and auto parts, 11 auto industry enterprises above designated size have gathered here.

Preferential policies

Focusing on the needs of enterprises, the zone has formulated policies for attracting investment and benefiting enterprises in terms of industry, finance, and talent:

For industrial projects that meet the access conditions for leasing standard factories, the zone will offer 100% rental support or 100% district-level financial contribution rewards, both for 3-5 years.

Industrial projects that contribute a lot to the economy and that purchase a standard factory building of a State-owned company will be rewarded 20% of the listing price of the building on the Sunshine Trading Platform.

For new industrial projects that are completed and put into production ahead of schedule and recognized as an enterprise above designated size in the same year, a reward up to 10 million yuan will be offered.

For projects that achieve a year-on-year increase of 20% in total industrial output value, a support award up to 1 million yuan will be offered.

For projects with a fixed asset investment of more than 100 million yuan, a reward up to 5 million yuan will be offered.

Talent guarantee

High-quality and reliable talent guarantee

Establishment of 25 platforms such as national high-level technical personnel training bases and skill master workshops

No less than 30 million yuan will be allocated as a special fund for talent development every year.

Partnership with many universities to establish industry-university-research cooperation bases

Home to 67,900 talents from various industries

Financial services

Abundant and diverse financial support

"1+2+3+N" industrial financial service system:

1.One financial service platform – "Yingke Yipin"

2.Two fund pools – "risk compensation" and "emergency on-lending"

3.Three industrial support fund groups – angel investment fund, industrial investment fund, and industrial development fund

N.N policy-based loan products centered on a "help loan"

The 3 billion yuan-scale industrial development fund targets advanced equipment manufacturing, electronic information manufacturing, and new energy vehicle projects.

Business environment

Adhere to a people-oriented service concept

Promote the "whole-process online handling", "2+2" model and other convenient services

Promote the "comprehensive acceptance without distinction" of government services

Create an atmosphere of "highlighting business, building close relationships with business, enriching business, securing business, and stabilizing business"

Livable city

Ecological green space featuring "one river, two belts and 10 parks"

Intelligent and digital urban new infrastructure

Mid-to-high-end ecological residential areas

Pleasant climate and fresh air

Guiyang Economic and Technological Development Zone sincerely and eagerly invites entrepreneurs to invest and operate businesses here, for a better future together!

The story is provided by the Guiyang Economic and Technological Development Zone.