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New era in China: Brewing unique Yantai wine Updated: 2023-01-12

Charles Treutenaere, the general manager of Domaine de Long Dai, has been in Yantai, East China's Shandong province, for more than four years. He believes that there are plenty of opportunities in Yantai, not only for the development of wine producing, but also for technology, industry and tourism.

The soil and climate of Qiushan valley are conducive to the cultivation of grapes and the brewing of wine. The Frenchman praised Yantai for being supportive to the winery in production and commercial distribution. Combining the traditional Bordeaux brewing techniques with local grape planting, the winery brews wine with Yantai characteristics, relying on the unique natural conditions of Qiushan valley.

The Domaine de Long Dai, located in Qiushan valley, Penglai district in Yantai, is the eighth winery of the Rothschild family in the world.

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