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Fearless Trailblazing: Ten Years of Innovation at Creative Biosciences

Updated : 2023-01-04

Innovation lies at the heart of Creative Biosciences. Founded in 2015 by Dr. Hongzhi Zou, inventor of the world’s first stool DNA test for early detection of colorectal cancer, Creative Biosciences maintains several facilities across China, with company headquarters in Guangzhou and four testing labs in Guangzhou, Tianjin, Wuhan, and Jinan. From the outset, the company has been dedicated to developing early detection kits for colorectal, lung, bladder, cervical, and liver cancer, as well as building incredibly effective and successful POCT devices.

Picture of Future Creative Biosciences Headquarters

Colosafe®is the star product of Creative Biosciences. As a novel detection method for colorectal cancer, it can discover early cancer or cancerous lesions through exfoliating tumor cells in excreting stool. From a cohort study of clinical trial samples, Colosafe®achieved robust performance in both sensitivity and specificity to early stage colorectal cancer at 86.71% and 97.85%, respectively. It is the first product of its kind to be approved by the National Medical Products Administration on November 20, 2018; that same year, Creative Biosciences was formally recognized as a National High-Tech Enterprise.

Dr. Hongzhi Zou, Founder of Creative Biosciences

As innovation is woven into the very DNA of Creative Biosciences, it has also served as an accelerator for market development. In March 2020, Creative Biosciences acquired Helixgen, thereby enhancing its overall R&D capacity ever since. In order to expedite the promotion of Colosafe®, Creative Biosciences has become the first company to implement a decentralized testing model in the industry. Indeed, Colosafe®testing can be performed not only in its own laboratories, but also in its partner hospitals or institutions to better accommodate early cancer detection across the nation.

As of October 2022, Colosafe®has been implemented in more than 770 healthcare providers in China with over 520,000 fully realized clinical tests. Accredited to its superb performance, Colosafe®has been included in colorectal cancer screening guidelines in China, such as “Expert Consensus on Early CRC Screening Protocol (Shanghai, 2019)”, “Guidelines for Diagnosis & Treatment of Hemorrhoids”, and “Chinese Experts Consensus On Experimental Diagnosis of Colorectal Cancer in Precancerous Lesions and Early Stage”. It has been highly acknowledged and recommended by medical physicians and its end users. Since August 2021, Colosafe®has been included in health insurance reimbursement plans in Beijing. In October 2021, it was the only product of its kind to showcase at the “National Thirteenth Five-Year Science and Technology Innovation Achievement Expo”.

Colosafe® - Star Product of Creative Biosciences

Since it was granted NMPA approval for Colosafe®, Creative Biosciences has raised venture capital of ¥1500 million from top investors like Alibaba, CDH, and IDG. It has won prestigious awards including “2018 First Prize of Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Advancement Award”, “2019 Second Prize of Chinese Medical Science and Technology Award”, and “2020 First Prize of Science and Technology Advancement Award by Ministry of Education”.

Dramatic development has been fulfilled after just ten years of innovation. Since the middle of 2022, Creative Biosciences has resumed its international market strategy with participation in AACC Chicago US, Medlab Asia Bangkok Thailand, and MEDICA Dusseldorf Germany, in July, October, and November, respectively. It has partnered with Cooper Biosciences MENA, a subsidiary of Cooper Pharma, to promote Colosafe®in Morocco, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

By holding on to original aspirations and daring to be the first, Creative Biosciences has evolved into the leader of the cancer screening industry. Adhering to the mantra of “Human Health, My Mission”, Creative Biosciences will strive to become the leading molecular diagnostic enterprise domestically and internationally. It will continue to be committed in fearlessly trailblazing for future business development.

The story and photos are provided by Creative Biosciences.