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13th Hechi garden expo holds 'city day' events

guangxi.chinadaily.com.cn/hechi Updated: 2022-12-22

The 13th Guangxi (Hechi) Garden and Horticulture Expo was held on Dec 15 in Yizhou district, Hechi city. 13 co-host cities within Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region hosted "city day" events in their respective city pavilions.

The Nanning garden portrayed the ideal home in the hearts of Nanning people and expressed the spirit of a new era for Nanning people.

Based on the 22 bridges that span the city, the Liuzhou garden expressed the aspirations and dreams of Liuzhou people for a better life.

The Guilin garden displayed the most representative landscape forms in Guilin, allowing visitors to get a glimpse of the beautiful scenery of Guilin in the exhibition garden.

Designed with "Liubao tea" as the main theme, the,Wuzhou garden displayed classic Wuzhou characteristics such as port culture, tea culture and building overhangs to reflect the spirit of Wuzhou.

The Beihai garden reflected the urban characteristics of Beihai at various points in time in the landscape form.

The Fangchenggang garden painted a beautiful picture of an ecological bay city with full sea views.

The Qinzhou garden reflected the unique coastal urban landscape of Qinzhou.

Based on the intention of "water, ancient county and lotus", the Guigang garden expressed the theme of "ancient county by the water, flourishing like a lotus".

The Yulin garden depicted a colourful, dynamic, and ecological Yulin, with the theme of "colorful Yulin, idyllic city".

The Baise gardenapplies elements of red culture, Right River folklore and Zhuang ethnic group customs to their exhibition garden.

Based on its special geomorphology, the Hezhou garden combined the culture of loyalty, filial piety and the advantages of East Integration economy to show a new side of the ancient city.

Through a combination of traditional and modern gardening methods, the Laibin garden reflected the art of gardening in the Lingnan style and its theme of "red culture, dancing in Laibin".

The Chongzuo garden took the Zuojiang River, the main river in Chongzuo city, as its theme. This reflected the aspiration and pursuit of a better life.