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10 Years' journey of ZW HR Consulting

Updated : 2022-12-13

Originally founded in 1998, ZW HR Consulting, as one of the leading headhunting firms in China, has been committed to providing recruitment solutions for mid-senior level professionals.

With over 20 years’ precipitation and development, ZW HR Consulting has set up 13 offices across Asia including Shanghai (headquarter), Beijing, Hangzhou, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Ningbo, Chengdu, Dalian, Qingdao, Wuhan, Suzhou, Guangzhou and Singapore, and it currently has more than 350 employees.

From the establishment of Singapore office in 2008 to being an exclusive member of InterSearch Worldwide in 2012 (Established in 1989, InterSearch ranks as one of the top international executive search alliance organizations in the world, with 100 offices in over 50 countries.), ZW HR Consulting began its way to expand the overseas business.

ZW HR Consulting set up new offices according to its business plan, and has continuously expanded its geographical business coverage in China. In the past 10 years, ZW HR Consulting has extended the operation area to central China, southwest and northeast China, to seize the opportunity of industrial transfer in the second and third tier cities.

With the 5-year Strategy of "Driving business development with personnel development", ZW HR Consulting has taken new steps in business growth since 2017, while the number of employees has kept rising.

Along with the economic development in the past 20 years, the headhunting industry has been on the fast track of the times. It has grown from ignorance to prosperity. Various business models compete for success, various business orientations play their own roles, and various ownership systems are in turmoil... They all strive to win in the fierce competition of the market.

In recent years, with the development of China's economy, the headhunting budget has been cut down. In the past times, clients did use headhunters to refer candidates, no matter the position level is senior or junior, but now the times have changed. Industry focus, experience of industry insights, and growth of professionalism...... The headhunting industry is undergoing a reshuffle, and informal small firms are eliminated, while the whole industry is getting more mature and international. ZW HR Consulting has also gradually gained a foothold in the flood of the market and finally found its own position.

In recent 10 years, ZW HR Consulting has more fulfilled the company's vision of "Specialist Recruiting Specialist", to be large and comprehensive is no longer its goal. ZWHR decided to dug deeper and work harder to become the best supplier and the most professional headhunter in each specialized field, to setup a moat with concentration and professionalism, and to maintain key accounts with diligence and precision. ZWHR has different teams provide specialized recruitment service to clients in different industries, and each consultant focuses on one function who has intensive industry knowledge, so as to establish good and close interaction with candidates to be a warm consultant.

The mission is "Strive to help our partners succeed".

The specialization of headhunters is to know more about what clients need and what to do next than themselves. Therefore, headhunters must dig into requirements of clients from a broader perspective, provide more solutions and consulting services, and help partners make better and more comprehensive decisions.

Below are awards from clients and agencies in recent 10 years:

In addition, ZW HR Consulting has begun to actively help Chinese enterprises go abroad and introduce overseas talents to work in China more than 10 years ago, promoted the transnational flow of talents, and enabled Chinese local enterprises to move forward. For example, in 2019, the life science team of ZW HR helped a Chinese client build a team in the R&D Center in Boston, USA, set up a professional delivery team, and successfully recruited more than 20 employees.

InterSearch Annual Dinner in China

ZW HR Consulting always adheres to the value of “Commitment, Trust, Focus, Cooperation”.

ZW HR Consulting does not blindly seek to become the largest headhunting firm. When clients evaluate it, "ZW HR is a professional headhunting firm" is more welcome. ZW HR firmly believes that excellent service will gain industry reputation.

Headhunting industry has experienced nearly 30 years of development in China, playing an important role in the recruitment of mid-senior level professionals, and the industry scale is also expanding. With the continuous development of economic marketization, there is still huge development space for the future headhunting market.

In the noisy and flashy world, though the market is filled by the jungle rule of "big fish eat small fish, fast fish eat slow fish", ZW HR Consulting keeps the peace of mind, conforms to the trend of the times, grows at an appropriate speed, and becomes a warm & happy company.

The story is provided by ZW HR Consulting.