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Innovation drives manufacturing industry in Gangzha Updated: 2022-11-25

The Gangzha Economic Development Zone in Nantong, Jiangsu province has in recent years been making efforts to boost its advanced manufacturing industry with an innovation-driven development strategy.

The zone has to date introduced 45 science and innovation projects and is currently home to seven high-tech enterprises and 21 talent companies.

Among the high-tech enterprises in the zone is Nantong Guosheng Group, a listed company that is committed to the innovation, research and development of medium and high-end numerically controlled machine tools.

The enterprise has set up a research and development group and invested more than 100 million yuan ($13.97 million) in highly precise equipment.

"Our huge investment in research and development aims to solve the key technical challenges in this industry in China," said Liu Chuanjin, vice general manager of the enterprise.

Guosheng has become a leading intelligent equipment enterprise cultivated by the zone. It made the fourth list of national "little giant" enterprises in August.

The zone is currently home to three national "little giant" enterprises and six provincial ones.


A set of highly precise equipment is seen in the factory of Nantong Guosheng Group. [Photo/WeChat account: ntgzjjkfq]