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A community with a shared future for mankind: CSCEC

Updated : 2022-11-24

The artwork imagines the global influence of CSCEC flowing together with the waves of “A Community with a Shared Future for Mankind”.

The vines are woven into the globe-like Mother Earth, implying that the construction carried out by the CSCEC worldwide well responds to the company’s strategic development goals of low-carbon, sustainable, energy saving and environmental protection.

As the scene shows, the construction activities are in full swing, with workers of various forms, representing the vitality of the high-quality development of CSCEC.

Down to the edge of the canvas, a vast ocean holds up the giant ship branded with CSCEC, along with the “Red Gene” blending and merging into it. The global “Blue Force” is making indispensable contribution to the development of “A Community with a Shared Future for Mankind”.

The illustration and story are provided by CSCEC.