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Nine years

Updated : 2022-11-21

The video tells the story of Mominul, a Bangladeshi employee of Genertec CMC. As a participant of the construction of the Belt and Road, Mominul has achieved common development and progress together with the project over the course of nine years, turning into a versatile employee from a man who initially had no skills.

During the same period, the man has forged a close bond with his Chinese colleagues, sharing a common destiny with them and building a better future together with them.

The video was released in August on Chinese and global social media platforms, including Kuaishou, Douyin, Weibo, the short video account of Genertec on WeChat, Facebook and Twitter. It has been watched about 100,000 times and reaped nearly 2,000 interactions.

As an excellent work on close people-to-people bonds under the framework of the BRI, the video was also released on Xuexiqiangguo, a widely used Party theory learning app, on the recommendation of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, garnering wide attention on the platform.

The story and video are provided by Genertec.