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Genertec digital medical platform allows distant people accessing to better healthcare

Updated : 2022-11-21

Taxkorgan People's Hospital recently launched a digital healthcare platform, which has greatly improved medical services for border residents.

Taxkorgan covers 25,000 square kilometers with a total population of 40,000. Its borderline is 888.5 kilometers long, which borders Tajikistan and Pakistan etc. Due to the sparse population and lack of medical resources, it is the extremely troublesome for local people to go to the county hospital far away.

Taxkorgan People's Hospital [Photo/Genertec]

2021 is the seventh year for Genertec Universal Medical and its affiliated hospitals to assist public medical services in Xinjiang and Tibet. In April this year, Genertec Universal Medical started to build a digital healthcare platform to effectively solve the problem of medical treatment for the people in Taxkorgan. After the improvement of rural medical and health information construction, 12 towns and counties in Taxkorgan formed a close medical network with the local hospitals, having realized the collection and sharing of inspection, electronic medical records and other information between primary medical institutions and hospitals. In case of serious illness, local people only need to visit the health center near their home, and they can enjoy the quality medical resources of the hospitals faraway. For some minor problems, they can even see a doctor without leaving home.

A doctor of Taxkorgan People's Hospital treated the patient. [Photo/Genertec]

In addition, Taxkorgan is located in the southeast of Pamirs Plateau, and the pristine plateau scenery attracts more than half a million tourists every year. According to the introduction of doctor from the emergency department of Taxkorgan People's Hospital, if tourists feel uncomfortable during their trip, they can also contact the hospital in time through the healthcare platform. Doctors can quickly give the correct solution online, relieve the discomfort of tourists, and achieve timely treatment.

Bai Xiaofeng, a doctor from Angang General Hospital under Genertec Universal Medical, providing medical treatment for local patients. [Photo/Genertec]

Bai Xiaofeng, a doctor who has participated in the assistance for three times, said that Genertec Universal Medical's digital healthcare platform enables doctors like her to continue to serve local people after they leave Xinjiang. Moreover, with various medical resources, Genertec Universal Medical pushes more and more experts joining online healthcare platform. "Providing timely and high-quality medical services continually is the best way to help people in distant areas," said Dr. Bai Xiaofeng.

Doctors from Pangang General Hospital of Genertec Universal Medical investigated the local situation and accompanied village doctors to treat patients in Liangshan, Sichuan province. [Photo/Genertec]

Enabling people in remote areas to enjoy the benefits of medical digital transformation and achieving intelligent medical services have always been the ultimate goal of Genertec Universal Medical's digital healthcare platform. In 2020, the healthcare platform was officially launched in Pangang General Hospital, a subsidiary of Genertec Universal Medical, and set up a four-level medical service network for the inconvenient areas such as Huodong, Ganluo and Yuexi of Liangshan, Sichuan province. It fully transforms the offline medical treatment process into online platform, and has opened functions such as intelligent guidance, appointment registration and examination, etc. In the same year, Xi’an Xidian Hospital under Genertec Universal Medical provided remote free diagnosis and consultation services for the people of Wuchuan, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia through this platform, so that the local people can enjoy the quality medical services of a third-class hospital, which was widely and highly praised.

Yu Xubo, chairman of Genertec, once said that the purpose of SOEs to run hospitals is to better play the guiding role in non-governmental hospitals, increase the supply of medical resources, especially high-quality medical resources, and better meet the people's demand for diversified health services. The Genertec Universal Medical digital healthcare platform is exactly in line with this goal. Genertec will continuously optimize and promote high-quality medical resources to benefit the people, so that the medical digital transformation can better serve people.

The story is provided by Genertec.