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Ring road hugs Kazakhstan's capital

Updated : 2022-11-21

This video tells a story about the construction of the Southwest Ring Road in Nursultan, capital city of Kazakhstan. The highway was undertaken by Genertec Xinxing. Bi Xin from Shymkent, who worked on the project as driver, shares his experience of working on the project over the course of three years.

In first-person narration, the man shared how the project has changed his destiny. The video was released in August on Chinese and global social media platforms, including Kuaishou, Douyin, Weibo, the short video account of Genertec on WeChat, Facebook and Twitter.

It has been watched more than 450,000 times and reaped 30,000 interactions, garnering wide attention of Chinese and global viewers and achieving very effective communication results.

The story and video are provided by Genertec.