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Fist Bumping

Updated : 2022-11-21

In September 2021, Genertec kicked off the Safe City Project in Cote d'Ivoire, which is aimed at improving the African country's capacity to guarantee social security, boosting the local economy, and providing a safer and more stable social environment for the local people.

Genertec International, which undertakes the project, has overcome various challenges resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic, actively seeking solutions and working hard to make sure the construction of the project go smoothly.

To overcome linguistic and cultural barriers, the Chinese staff members would adopt the fist bump like locals would do, to greet each other, express wishes and encouragement, celebrate and say goodbye. The Chinese staff members also worked hard together with their African colleagues and partners.

The fist bump has brought the Chinese staff members and their African colleagues closer to each other. They work together to build and share a better future. The video has been watched 55,000 times and reaped about 5,000 interactions.

The story and video are provided by Genertec.