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A Cook from Bangladesh

Updated : 2022-11-21

The video tells the story of Masud Alam, a cook from Bangladesh's Ashuganj Power Plant (East) Project, which is undertaken by Genertec. There is a special relationship between Alam and Genertec.

As a child, Alam was adopted by a member of a project team of Genertec in Bangladesh. To repay the kindness he had received from the Chinese staff member, Alam stayed on the project team, honing his cooking skills and learning Chinese in the meantime. Eventually, he became a cook who is good at Chinese cuisine, growing up alongside the company.

The man has improved the livelihood of his family and led a better life. Chinese centrally-administered state-owned enterprises, including Genertec, have actively implemented the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), created employment opportunities for and changed the destiny of local residents in countries along the Belt and Road, and boosted the economy of countries where their projects are located, building a community of common destiny.

The video has been watched 244,000 times and interactions have reached 36,000. The video was forwarded by "Enterprising China."

The story and video are provided by Genertec.