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New changes of Kalbatau-Maikapshagai highway

Updated : 2022-11-21

The video is about the Kalbatau-Maikapshagai highway project undertaken by Genertec. The highway is located in the East Kazakhstan Region. Staff members of Genertec Xinxing managed to open the highway to traffic in September 2021, eight months ahead of time, after overcoming various challenges, including limited time for effective construction and inadequate local technical talents, not to mention the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Kalbatau-Maikapshagai highway was opened to traffic earlier than all other projects started during the same period. The operation of the highway has brought great convenience to local people and has played an active role in improving the road network in eastern Kazakhstan and boosting the economy of regions along the route. The highway has also helped local people embark on the path toward a better life. The video has been watched 284,000 times and interactions have reached 42,000. The video was forwarded by "Enterprising China."

The story and video are provided by Genertec.