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Chinese technological enterprise showcases latest achievements at 5th Digital China Summit, promoting integration of digital technologies into medical services

Updated : 2022-11-21

Chinese technological enterprise Genertec set up an exhibition booth under the theme of "digital technology-empowered smart healthcare for all" at the 5th Digital China Summit that kicked off on July 23 in Fuzhou, capital of southeast China's Fujian province.


Information technology enables fast and convenient medical services

In 2018, Genertec started the digital transformation of its medical service-related businesses. During the past more than three years, a multitude of medical service scenarios, such as online hospital that allows patients to attend medical consultation, make payment, and attend further consultation with doctor using a mobile phone, and personalized guidance on drug use and plan for health management, have been gradually materialized and become new options for patients to receive convenient and fast medical services.

Focusing efforts on smart medicine, smart services, and smart management, Genertec AMHT has vigorously advanced the application of smart technologies to build smart hospitals. Thanks to the efforts, it has managed to realize in-depth integration of online and offline medical services and enable patients to handle relevant procedures before, during, and after medical consultation through self-service facilities.

Human-machine coupling makes medical services more considerate

By enabling better health care at lower costs, digital technologies have given people a stronger sense of gain during medical services.

Genertec's AI voice middle platform has innovatively integrated AI technology into efforts to meet the actual needs of hospitals, allowing patients to receive instructions on how to make an appointment with the right doctor and attend medical consultation via official app accounts or mini-programs of hospitals no matter where they are. The instructions can be as accurate as that provided by nurses at grade A tertiary hospitals, the highest rating for hospitals in China, effectively solving problems including choosing the wrong medical department.

After a patient entering a hospital, the AI escort nurse system of the platform can simulate a virtual nurse using the digital human technology. The virtual nurse, by helping the patient find the best route to doctor's office and reminding the patient of the next procedures, can provide exclusive VIP escort services for the patient.

"Smart brains" enrich scenarios of medical services


Thanks to the application of smart technologies, many futuristic medical service scenarios have been turned from ideals into realities, such as accurate portrait of patient based on AI algorithms and diagnosis and treatment in hospital with the help of inference engine.

After taking a picture of retina, an AI platform can produce a health report within one minute. The combination of retinal photography and advanced AI technology makes it possible to automatically analyze the condition of the blood vessels and nerves of retina and evaluate the condition of all the blood vessels of a patient; as well as automatically examine characteristic changes in the optic disk, macula lutea, blood vessels, etc. and evaluate the risks of developing 30 diseases, including arteriosclerosis and glaucoma.


By integrating the Internet of Things with wearable electrocardiogram (ECG) devices, Genertec's remote ECG center has broken the limitation of time and space and enabled early warning of emergencies.

Patients at high risk of developing myocardial infarction can wear ECG devices to have their health data automatically uploaded onto the platform of the remote ECG center, so that the platform can automatically send alert to doctors on duty when certain indicators exceed threshold values, and the doctors can immediately contact family of the patients to make sure they receive timely treatment.


Genertec has redefined the process in healthcare scenarios through digital transformation, thus making medical services more easily accessible for patients and enabling high-quality medical resources to benefit more people faster.

The story is provided by Genertec.