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Jinpu makes great strides in improving business environment

chinadaily.com.cn Updated: 2022-10-26
An aerial photo of Dalian Jinpu New Area in Northeast China's Liaoning province. [Photo by Piao Feng for chinadaily.com.cn]

Dalian Jinpu New Area, in Northeast China's Liaoning province, has further deepened reforms to streamline its administration, delegate power and adopted diverse innovative approaches to better improve its business environment and administrative services.

As of November this year, the new area ranks first - at various levels, from Dalian city to Liaoning province, and even across the northeastern region - in terms of the improvement of its overall business climate in five aspects.

First, the new area has taken the lead in northeast China in the introduction of "version 2.0" of its mobile terminal integrated administrative service platform, which encompasses over 10,000 items of favorable policies for enterprises.

Secondly, the area has proactively promoted the utilization of four electronic copies of administrative credentials in the handling of 134 items of administrative services, which cover transport, social affairs, education and health.

Thirdly, the new area has rolled out a package of favorable policies, which comprise the registration of business licenses, the application of corporate seals and taxation certification tools like Ukey, and the accessibility of preferential policies, in a move to further attract investment and promote the settlement of new firms.

Fourthly, it has delegated over 500 items of administrative services and 48 items of insurance-related services to the Paotai sub-district office, in a drive to dramatically lower the cost of corporate operations.

And finally, it has collaborated with neighboring Ganjingzi district to provide 217 items of administrative services on a cross-district basis.

Statistics show that the number of newly established market entities in the new area saw an increase of 9.92 percent to 22,811 in the first nine months of this year. As of September this year, there were 223,523 market entities and 95,805 enterprises in the new area, up by 6.97 percent and 6.59 percent respectively.