Beijing E-Town lifts business environment |

Beijing E-Town lifts business environment Updated: 2022-07-14

As Beijing E-Town further advances its business environment, residents in the area can enjoy more and more of the benefits brought by changes in government, tax and talent services.

Efforts paid in government services

Since Beijing E-Town took the lead in the city to launch a comprehensive service platform for policy fulfillment, it has publicized policies to 1,828 registered companies on the platform 8,339 times.

The platform has received 950,000 visits, registered 3,148 companies, and publicized 29 policies in 257 items.

A total of nearly 7 billion yuan ($1.04 billion) has been allocated, benefiting about 1,600 enterprises.

'Zero distance' between taxation, enterprises

A telecommunications company in Beijing E-Town has received a tax refund of over 16 million yuan, and the "Bank-Tax Interaction" project has issued a total of 2.076 billion yuan in credit financing loans.

Since the beginning of 2022, Beijing E-Town has helped enterprises overcome difficulties and excel in different fields.

Through using corporate service stations to meet the needs of enterprises, Beijing E-Town provides point-to-point tax services.

It also upgrades the interaction of "government, bank, taxation and enterprises" and strengthens the connection with Beijing E-Town corporate service ports and enterprises in the area, including chambers of commerce, technology enterprises, and banks.

Better places for international talents to settle

The International Talent Service Hall of the Beijing E-Town Government Affairs Service Center is the first service hall in Beijing for foreigners' work and residence permits.

It has shortened the processing time for those permits by one-third, and reduced the number of on-site applications by half.

Up to now, more than 160 enterprises in the area and over 1,500 foreigners from more than 50 countries including the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan, and South Korea have used the hall to handle relevant documents.

Almost 800 work permits were processed, as were 57 category A residence permits and 55 category B ones, accounting for nearly one third of Beijing's "two-certificate joint office" business volume.


Beijing E-Town has built the city's first million-square-meter international talent community. [Photo/]