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Ordos makes China's top 100 most attractive cities list

chinadaily.com.cn Updated: 2022-05-24

The city of Ordos in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region made the list of China's top 100 most attractive cities, ranking 35th, according to the 2022 Chinese cities' attractiveness index report launched on May 15.

The report is based on two aspects – capital attractiveness and talent attractiveness – and takes into account more than 30 specific indicators.

It keeps track of emerging innovation areas and discovers potentially overlooked cities of the future.

The report pointed out that Ordos has a superior entrepreneurial environment, making it highly attractive to talent.

The flow of capital, enterprises, and talent is a reflection of the quality of a city's business or investment environment, that is, the city's attractiveness to capital.

The report pointed out that starting a business in third- and fourth-tier cities is easier than most think. For example, Chenzhou, Bozhou, Ordos, Suqian, Fuyang, and Changzhou are in the top 10 cities across the country in terms of ease of starting a business. 

In the list of China's 50 Easiest Cities to Start a Business, Ordos ranked 7th.

Meanwhile, the report used six indicators – the use of public services, livability, consumption vitality, attractiveness to high-end talent, cultural charm and population centripetal force – to measure a city's attractiveness to talent.

Ordos ranks 42nd in the 2022 China talent attractiveness index top 50 list.

Moreover, Ordos ranks first in the country in terms of the length of expressways per capita, the number of parks and green spaces per capita, and the added value of the secondary industry per capita.

Source: http://regional.chinadaily.com.cn/ordosen/en/2022-05/23/c_755822.htm