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SND strives to develop IC industry Updated: 2021-07-20


Suzhou New District hosts an event on China integrated circuit design innovation and application on July 15. [Photo/]

Suzhou New District hosted an event on China integrated circuit design innovation and application on July 15 to promote the development of the IC industry in China and the world.

The event attracted more than 10 masters, as well as over 60 enterprise experts of the IC industry to share their innovative ideas and technological achievements. The event also welcomed more than 1,000 representatives of enterprises nationwide.

The event unveiled the Yangtze River Delta center of the IC Innovation Alliance. The center will mainly help carry out strategic research on the technological and industrial development of the IC industry. In the future, the center will play a vital role in strengthening technical cooperation, talent cultivation, as well as academic exchanges with world leading technology innovation institutions and organizations.

The center will strive to introduce more than 200 IC enterprises, serve 2,000 IC enterprises in the city, gather more than 6,000 high-tech industrial talents, and cultivate more than three listed enterprises in the next five years.

A summit on the development of Suzhou's IC industry was also held at the event, generating discussions on chip technology innovation and industrial application in the fields of IC design, automotive electronics, artificial intelligence, as well as 5G telecommunications.

SND has realized more than 4 billion yuan ($616.90 million) in revenue in the first half of the year as a result of enhancing the development of its IC industry. It will strive to gather over 300 IC enterprises with an annual output of 30 billion yuan in the next three years.