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Charles Kao Updated: 2020-03-31
Charles Kao, Amorepacific China President [Photo provided to]

Charles Kao, Amorepacific China President

We are deeply impressed by China's showing a highly responsible attitude with effective and strong execution in dealing with the outbreak, and it helps bolster our confidence in securing sustained growth in the Chinese market. In fighting the epidemic, China has demonstrated collective efforts of medical workers running toward the danger to save people's lives, volunteers with a spirit of self-sacrifice and self-disciplined citizens, all under China's successful system of governance. And we feel proud to be part of it.

When the initial outbreak occurred, Amorepacific immediately donated 2 million yuan for coronavirus emergency response in Wuhan to bolster inventories of medical supplies, which surged in demand on the front lines against the epidemic. Meanwhile, we have been keeping an eye on the needs of health workers. As the outbreak widens, relief supplies are in urgent demand. And regional lockdowns have impeded logistics operations. Judging from the circumstances, we chose to furnish Wuhan with donations rather than medical supplies. Presently, countless medical workers are persevering in the battle against the epidemic, and some daily necessities have been in short supply.

We believe the coronavirus' impact on China is going to be temporary. With forceful and well-coordinated measures by Chinese government, the Chinese market will soon regain its vitality. The key is to look at its fundamentals and resilience. China is the world's fastest-growing cosmetics market. With the rise of third- and fourth-tier cities and the expected achievement of the 2020 comprehensive poverty alleviation target, China will have great growth potential. Except for maturing markets and consumers, China boasts of an unparalleled edge of digitalization. Speaking of digitalization, we normally put it in the context of a growing proportion in business (against traditional tech or services)-and since the outbreak digitalization is poised to get even better. People have turned to online services including "cloud shopping", "cloud offices" and "cloud classrooms" for their daily supply. The surging orders also spur innovation of new derivative services such as "contactless delivery", which suggests consumer confidence holds steady. China's market has proved itself healthy and robust, with diversified channels and flexible business transitions in response to mitigating the outbreak's impact.