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James Chiu

chinadaily.com.cn Updated: 2020-03-31
James Chiu, Vice-President and Managing Director of General Mills China [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

James Chiu, Vice-President and Managing Director of General Mills China

In terms of resumption of work, the Chinese government has adopted positive, rapid, efficient and transparent measures. With the strong support of the local government, GM Mills has solved many problems faced in the resumption of work, and effectively "protected" GM Mill's resumption work in China. We have received care from the government in many aspects, including mask resources, disinfection solutions, field visits and repeated concerns about business operations, such as the ones guiding us to resume work and production in response to challenges. With the government's efficient control and the people's aspirations, we firmly believe the epidemic will soon be tackled.

As the core market of GM Mill's global strategy, the Chinese market is the focus of GM's latest corporate vision. As our global CEO stated in his corporate vision and development strategy this year, the Chinese market has played a vital role in General Mills returning to industry leadership. Although the market will suffer some short-term twists and turns due to the epidemic, we will not change the long-term development strategy in the Chinese market, and we are full of confidence in the huge potential of China. We also hope to create an efficient and effective business model in the Chinese market.

Facing the complex and severe international environment and the downward pressure of the global economy, China has made great progress in its integration into the world economy and has become a major trading country with global influence. The world's dependence on China's economy has also grown, making it increasingly important as a consumer market, supplier and provider of capital. As China's economic aggregate continues to expand, its ability to withstand short-term shocks and respond to risks and challenges has been further enhanced. In the future, China's economic operation will surely be further consolidated with stability and improvement.